19 December 2014

Portugal Fireball Meteor 11DEC2014 w/ Fragmentation

Portugal Fireball Meteor Approx. 1815 Local Time 11DEC2014 w/ Fragmentation

Check your security cameras!

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
11DEC2014 Joni Vinahre Seixal, Setubal, Portugal 18h30 / GMT Lisbon 4 secs North to South, facing South White/Yellow Moon Yes, at least 2 fragments Resemble 06DEC2014 Portugal recorded Fireball

11DEC2014 Mónica Esteves Reis Tavira, Portugal 1815 Lisbon about 3-5 sec facing North orange moon it broke in 3 none
11DEC2014 Alan Taylor Portimao, Portugal 18:14:00 5 secs W-E I was facing N Bright orange Moon yes exploded in 3 None

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