15 December 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 15DEC2014

SEE IT: 'Spectacular' meteor shower wows stargazers (VIDEO)
The Geminid meteor shower is seen while the moon rises late on December 13, 2014 above Skopje, Macedonia. There are three major meteor ...

Watch meteor shower light up sky
The Geminid meteor shower lights up the night sky in a dazzling display. CNN's Ireporters capture the magic.

Geminids meteor shower 2014: See the spectacular images of shooting stars lighting up the night sky
The Independent
Named because it appears to be coming from the constellation of Gemini, the meteor shower is thought to have produced between 50 and 100 ...

Watch: Geminid meteor shower illuminates night sky
As the Geminids meteor shower reached its annual peak on the morning of December 14, astronomer Andreas Vogel of Bremen's Olbers Planetarium ...

Geminid Meteor shower to light up the sky as it reaches fiery peak
Manchester Evening News
Sky-watchers will be burning the midnight oil today (Saturday) as one of the year's most spectacular meteor showers reaches its fiery peak.

Geminid Meteor Showers Light Up Both Hemispheres
NPR (blog)
The annual Geminid meteor shower dazzled Earthlings around the world late Saturday and early Sunday. Pieces of gravel and dust from a "rock ...

Watch: Geminid meteor shower illuminates night sky
The Telegraph
Stargazers have been turning their eyes to the heavens to enjoy one of the finest meteor showers in the night sky.

Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Saturday
An 18 minute Composite of The Geminid Meteor Shower over Sussex, New Jersey 12/13/12. This is a combination of 14 images ranging from 30 ...

Geminids Meteor Shower on Display Saturday Night
(NEW YORK) — It's that time of year again, when streaks of bright light and fireballs fly through the sky for the annual Geminids meteor shower.

Geminid Meteor Shower Streaks Across Night Sky
Yahoo News
A just released report conducted by the Senate Intelligence Committee reveals the CIA's program of torture was brutal and ineffective following 9/11.

Did you see the Geminid meteor shower?
Leicester Mercury
The meteor shower, which is most visible after midnight, happens when the Earth passes through the path of asteroid 32000 Phaethon and the debris ...

Did you see the Geminid meteor shower?
Nottingham Post
Did you take a look up at the night sky last night and catch a glimpse of the meteor shower? The skies across the country were lit up with up to 10

Did you see the Geminid meteor shower over Lincolnshire last night?
Lincolnshire Echo
It was all part of the Geminid meteor shower, which is a night-time sky spectacle that lasts around 10 days in December ever year. But this weekend is ...

Did you spot meteor shower over Gloucestershire? Geminid peak expected at 11am on Sunday
Gloucester Citizen
Clear skies over Gloucestershire on Saturday night could have offered the best opportunity to see the Geminid meteor shower that is building towards ...

Dangerous asteroid to cross Earth orbit every 3 yearsDaily News - 3 hours
US: Scientists have calculated that 2014 UR116 asteroid will fly in dangerous proximity to Earth every three years. If it collides with the ...

Clouds obstruct view of Geminids meteor shower in eastern Australia
Sydney Morning Herald
The year's strongest meteor shower streaked across the skies overnight - not that stargazers across parts of Australia's east coast could see much of ...

Tonight's sky to offer stargazers' delight
Courier Mail
Meteor showers occur when the Earth ploughs through clouds of cometary dust. ... The Geminid meteor shower itself was first noted in the 1860s.

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