28 December 2014

AZ Meteor/s 27DEC2014

AZ Meteor/s 1900/1930 MST 27DEC2014

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
27DEC2014 Sybil Fountain Hills, AZ. USA approx 19:30 MST not sure - was initially obscured by surrounding buildings and vegetation. I saw it for about 5 sec W to E bright green rimmed with yellow Quite bright in a dark sky.. Can't compare with something as large as sun o moon. Certainly no shadow effect but if you were looking in that direction you could not have missed it. Slight fragmentation One of the largest and brightest I've ever seen

27DEC2014 jenna Hulette Apache Junction, Az United States 19:00 MT 4 -5 seconds seen north traveling east Orange turned blueish BRIGHT white with explosions as it was breaking apart moon yes started north and travelled east over Superstition Mountain.. If you hold your fist at arms length .. that's how big it was in the sky... lasted about 4-5 seconds.. started out orange but turned very bright bluish white as it started breaking apart with explosion...

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