16 December 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 16DEC2014

Gemenids light up sky above Doi Inthanon Thailand
Pattaya Mail
Wrapped in winter clothes,the people cheered when they saw a meteor. They said they were very delighted to see the phenomenon despite the chilly ...

Geminids shooting star lights up night sky
The Daily Telegraph
Photographer Doug Cliff was thanking his lucky stars after he took this beautiful photograph of a meteor at Elenora Heights on Sunday night.

The Geminids ain't over yet! Meteor shower update
Astro Bob
Zoltan Kenwell got a pleasant surprise while watching the Geminid meteor shower near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada yesterday morning December ...

MESSENGER data suggest recurring meteor shower on Mercury
Mercury appears to undergo a recurring meteor shower, perhaps when its orbit crosses the debris trail left by comet Encke. (Artist's concept.) Credit: ...

Geminid meteor shower captured by Devon photographer
North Devon Journal
A DEVON photographer captured images of the Geminid meteorshower over the South West skies on Saturday night. Chris Newman from Plymouth ...

Annual Geminids meteor shower lights up night sky
Skywatchers in the northern hemisphere have turned their heads upwards to see the annual Geminids meteor shower.(Source: news.gmw.cn) ...

Searching for life on Mars: ESA narrows choice of ExoMars landing sitesThe Guardian - 16 hours
The European Space Agency’s ExoMars rover is due to land on Mars sometime towards the end of this decade. Dr Peter Grindrod at Birkbeck, ...

Tips to Capture Best Images of 2014 Geminid Meteor Shower
West Texas News
Astronomers reported that the 2014 Geminid meteor shower reached to its peak on the Saturday night, December 13, and on early Sunday morning.

The best of the Geminid meteor shower
MyFox Atlanta
Dundee says that in 1983, astronomers were finally able to link the meteor shower to an asteroid named 3200 Phaethon. Did you miss it? Click on the ...

Did you see it? Spectacular meteor shower wows from coast to coast
A spectacular meteor shower delighted and awed skyward eyes over the weekend in the Northern Hemisphere. While the Geminid meteor shower has ...

Geminid Meteor Shower Wows Skywatchers Around the World (Photos)
The Geminid meteor shower amazed skywatchers willing to brave the cold to catch the annual display this weekend. Some intrepid observers ...

Geminids meteor shower lights up night sky
CBS News
Stargazers across the world got a treat this weekend when the Geminids meteor shower gave the best holiday displays a run for their money.

Shooting stars stream in Geminid meteor shower
DANGAST, Germany (NBC/APTN) — The Geminids meteor shower reached its annual peak Sunday morning and illuminated the night sky.

Geminid meteor shower: Last chance to see the shooting star spectacle
The Geminid meteor shower is an annual nighttime sky spectacle that sees as many as 100 shooting stars streaking across the sky each hour.

Meteor Over Morocco Captured in Stunning Photo
Meteor showers occur when dust or particles from asteroids or comets, enter Earth's atmosphere at high speeds. Upon hitting the atmosphere, meteors ...

PHOTO GALLERY Geminids meteor shower: the sky at night over Stortford
Herts and Essex Observer
When Robert Talks read about the Geminids meteor shower on Saturday night, he headed out into his home village of Berden with his camera and got ...

وثائقي---- المذنب، الكويكب، نيزك: من هم حجارة الفضاء؟
وثائقي---- المذنب، الكويكب، نيزك: من هم حجارة الفضاء؟

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