10 December 2014

Asteroid UR116 Mountain-sized Rock to Shadow Earth 20x Bigger than Cheyabinsk

Asteroid UR116 Mountain-sized Rock to Shadow Earth 20x Bigger than Cheyabinsk
Asteroid danger: Giant space rock to be on collision course with Earth
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Asteroid 2014 UR116, A 400-meter Sized Near-Earth Asteroid, Represents No Threat to the Earth
NASA/JPL Near-Earth Object Program Office - December 8, 2014
Some recent press reports have suggested that an asteroid designated 2014 UR116, found on October 27, 2014, at the MASTER-II observatory in Kislovodsk, Russia, represents an impact threat to the Earth. While this approximately 400-meter sized asteroid has a three year orbital period around the sun
and returns to the Earth's neighborhood periodically, it does not represent a threat because it's orbital path does not pass sufficiently close to the Earth's orbit.

Furthermore, Tim Spahr, Director of the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge Massachusetts, has also re-computed this object's orbit after noticing that it was the same as an object observed six years ago. Using both sets of observations, the future motion of this asteroid was carried further forward in time using the automatic computations made by the Sentry system at NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. These computations rule out this object as an impact threat to Earth (or any other planet) for at least the next 150 years.

Any statements about risk for impact of discovered asteroids and comets should be verified by scientists and the media by accessing NASA' Near Earth Object (NEO) Program web site at

or the European equivalent, the NEO Dynamic Site at
http://newton.dm.unipi.it/neodys/index.php?pc=4.1 .


Mountain-sized asteroid 'heading towards Earth'
2014 Asteroid UR116... it has the potential to hit the Earth with an explosion 1000 times greater than the 2013 meteor which exploded over Russia, The Telegraph reported. ...

Russian Scientist Discovers Mountain-Sized Asteroid Heading Towards Earth
Huffington Post UK
... to track both these long-range objects at the 100,000 or so 'near Earth' objects, events like the Chelyabinsk meteor are still going to creep up on us.

Asteroid's Path Crosses Earth's Orbit Every Three Years, When Will UR116 Strike?
Headlines & Global News
The asteroid is 370 meters in diameter, and would hit the Earth 1,000 times harder than the bus-sized meteor that slammed Russia in 2013. The orbit ...

Russian Scientists Have Discovered A Mountain-Sized Asteroid, And It's Headed This Way
The Inquisitr
... Lipunov estimates that the mountain-sized asteroid would hit Earth with a release of energy 1,000 times greater than the meteor that exploded over ...

Mountain-sized asteroid is heading towards Earth, says scientist
But he warned that it could hit the Earth with an explosion 1,000 times greater than the surprise 2013 impact of a bus-sized meteor in Russia.

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