04 December 2014

PA NJ MD VA WV ONT QC Meteor/s 03DEC2014

PA NJ MD VA WV  ONT QC Meteor/s Apprx. 2030 EST 03DEC2014
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PA NJ MD VA WV ONT QC Meteor 03DEC2014
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Initial Meteor Reports-
03DEC2014 Wilson Gainesville, VA 2040/Eastern Time maybe 2-3 seconds Northwest blue streak, orange burst very bright yes, fragmented looked as though it had burst

03DEC2014 Russ & Melanie Brooks Lanark Highlands, Ontario, Canada 2030/EST, AM 1-2 secs S-W. Left down to right. Facing SW. Orange yellow at ball. Electricity type crackling buzz noise Very bright compared to stars. Not nearly as bright as sun. Strong moon and seen very brightly Yes flared twice. Low on horizon

03DEC2014 E Vernon Grafton, Ontario, Canada 2030 (appx) Flash was less than one second. Trail dissipated in under ten seconds. E-W (based on trail dissipation pattern), maybe 5 degrees south, 5 degrees west of me - very approx Dark, well after nightfall, happened to be outside looking at ground. Ground became orange/peach-lit, I looked up and saw orange smoke trail dissipating Brightness of ground was like someone had turned on a street light over a previously dark area. Brightness of smoke trail was like fireworks or a distant flare Didn't see -

03DEC2014 Dave Upland Pa 20:28PM 5-10 seconds E-W North Green Sun Yellow Sparks Amazing Sight

03DEC2014 Dawn Lafferty Verbank, NY 12585 20:25:00 3 sec. Started E to W Bright stream of light w/a ball of white lite at end of it. sun yes no, was sudden as I happened to look out our picture window.

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chittybang bangbangbang said...

i saw this!!!! it was amazing! huge white ball falling then burns out with a huge orange trail! my gf and i were astonished!