15 June 2012

Breaking News, MBIQ Detects, Ontario, Canada / Ohio / Michigan / Meteor Fireball 14JUN2012 with Video

Breaking Meteor News - MBIQ Detects Ontario & Quebec, Canada / Ohio / Michigan / New York/ Meteor Fireball ~21:54 14JUN2012 - video recorded!

Meteor video capture over Grand Rapids,MI: 14JUN2012 woodtv.com

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The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News by LunarMeteorite*Hunter, Tokyo, Japan

Over 325 Sighting Reports!
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Initial Sighting Reports:

14JUN2012 Alexandre Gatineau, Québec, Canada 21:53:00 5 sec S-W Green moon no Big green ball falling from the sky at high speed

14JUN2012 Ben Dawson London, ON, Canada 9:45 PM EST (GMT-5) <2SEC E-W bright white moon trail none.

14JUN2012 Zahra Toronto (Mississauga) Ontario Canada 21:50EST 3 seconds N bright white, yellow same as sun yes not sure what it was but it was awesome!

14JUN2012 Andrei Venter London Ontario 21:54 Eastern Standard Time 2-3 seconds Facing northeast went down to the left Greenish and fire seemed to disappear  no sound was inside Bright enough to draw my attention from the TV and look outside No Seemed to catch fire

14JUN2012 CHANTAL FRADETTE Ontario, Canada Eastern ~ 21:55 3-5 sec North Yellow and green light Bright flash similar to a camera Could not tell Amazing to have seen one :)

14JUN2012 Brian MacGillivray Naughton, ONTARIO, CANADA 2155 Looking through a window, crossed the frame in about 1 second SE-NW (left to right, facing south) blue and orange Bright colours but didn't light up the sky at dusk Didn't see any Seemed to be very, very close - not like a shooting star.

14JUN2012 Yana Toronto, Ontario, Canada 21:50:00 4/8/2012 Facing North, travelling West Bright Blue Fading to White before losing visibility Brighter than Venus Not sure Big bright blue ball with long blue/white tail, the biggest one that I've ever seen.

14JUN2012 Yolanda Mak Toronto, Ontario, Canada 17:50:00 10 seconds North North West to West North Yellow, red, green, white. HUGE!!!! Less than moon but HUGE! Yes, fragmentation, long tail, big blasts. North West sky looking from downtown Toronto.

14JUN2012 Tammy Kitchener, ont 21:52:00 5 seconds West...right to left White orb  with blue shimmery outline...fell quickly Brighter than the moon Didnt notice... Was very quick, trees got in line of view during decent....was headed in waterloo, ont, canada direction

14JUN2012 David Longueuil, Québec, Canada 21:50 EST 6-8 sec NW towards NE Greyish and blue colored tail Very bright sky was not completely black and the meteor was seen anyways. Towards the end, then the view was blocked. I was looking towards Polaris (north) from a 4th floor balcony.

14JUN2012 Randy Leonard Saxonburg, PA USA 2150 hours Eastern time 3 or 4 secs NW to W and descending large trail changing from white to bright green bright, thick and amazing shade of green before going below treeline no but pretty far off amazing

14JUN2012 Kari Prigge Napoleon, OH, USA 21:54:00 3 seconds Facing north, E-W Green, white Moon White sparks N/A

14JUN2012 Samuel Barnes Marten River Ontario Canada 21 55 eastern standard time 6-10 seconds traveling east to west bright white head with long tail changing from red to green to red very very bright no wish I had a camera

14JUN2012 JODI STONEY POINT, ON. CANADA 09:50 EST 4 sec E-W  facing N GREENISH-FIRE TRAIL moon no different from a "falling star" because of the colour.

14JUN2012 Bruce Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 21:51:00 EST 3-5 secs SE;NE 326 D from
my location white thru Green very bright, sky was pre dusk not seen as the sun had just set in the west the sky was bright no stars could be seen and this was very visible

14JUN2012 Laura Burlington, Ontario, Canada 21:51:00 3 seconds I was facing north west and the object was traveling from right to left. bright white object. May have had a blue tail. Twice as bright as the average firework before it explodes. None that I could tell. I've never seen anything falling so low. Lost stight of it when it vanished behind the houses across the way.

14JUN2012 Kristen Tecumseh, Ontario , canada 2158 pm 2 sec North Green Bright as a green traffic light No? Flashed 3 times

14JUN2012 Tina Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2145h EDT 5 seconds SW to NW Large blue/green head with a trail of red/orange Very bright against a sky at dusk no parts falling It appeared to not make it to the horizon, and the size though far away would have been close to that of an full size passenger jet just a few miles out

14JUN2012 Adam Brauer Tonawanda NY USA 2150 5 seconds NW sky headed north south west white shooting star, explosion of green and white and what looked like a dust cloud that remained 15mins moon yes impressive. dust cloud remained in the sky and you actually could see it change shape and eventually disappear.

14JUN2012 Jeff Brooklin,Ontario Canada 2155 5 sec nnw, appeared to track straight down light green and white with smoke trail remaining a few minutes after ball left sightline bright as lightning appears debris in tail, smoke trail appeared to be large

14JUN2012 Meaghan TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA 21:57 North American Eastern Time Zone 5 sec right to left.  I was facing North White and green Extremely bright - definitely as bright as the moon I didn't notice fragmentation none

14JUN2012 Sue Bowmanville 21:55:00 10-15 sec. N-W Orange then Green Sun left a trail for 20-30 sec after none

14JUN2012 Kevin Doherty London Ontario Canada approx 22:00 5 seconds maybe east to west looking north many bright colours sun no no photo. first time i've seen one that large and close to earth

Over 325 Sighting Reports!
For all sighting reports see:

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