06 June 2012

Breaking News- MBIQ Detects Meteor Fireball PA OH ONT 05JUN2012

Breaking News- MBIQ Detects Meteor Fireball PA OH ONT 05JUN2012
Meteor Fireball PA OH ONT 05JUN2012
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Initial Sighting Reports:

05JUN2012 Matt Erie, PA 940PM EDT 6 S-N. Facing W greenish bright green streak no Very close and was falling down to Earth

05JUN2012 Tara Valis Dublin, Oh 43016 9:15 EST 10 sec right to left green bright as moon no pretty cool

05JUN2012 Stephanie powell, ohio 21:21:00 approximately 2-3 seconds facing north, direction went east to west bright light just came from nowhere and "flew through the sky" venus...it was bright not that i saw I've seen "shooting stars", but this happened when there was still a little light in the sky, that's why I was so surprised.

05JUN2012 Mike Burrows Stow, OH. USA 21:10:00 5 seconds from southeast heading northwest white fireball with cone shaped tail same as a star It disintegrated into the horizon It was very bright

05JUN2012 utopaline Thorold Ontario Canada 21:20 EST 5 seconds max North to South stil la bit of daylight out, almost looked blue and yellow not as bright as the sun not that I could see I've seen meteor showers before, but I've never seen something movng that slow and seemed like it was lower than normal. almost like it was actually heading to the ground

05JUN2012 bob cameron harpersfield,oh 2130 1 to 1.5 sec trav w left to right fac s orange with green tail sun like none seen by myself and by brother our location aprox 3 mi south rt 307 & rt 534 object was headed in direction of cleveland,oh i never seen nothing like it before?

05JUN2012 Rich Surrena Harrisville, PA USA 21:30 Eastern 5-8 sec S-N Right to Left facing West red fire yellow, looke like wing or large flat piece of metal brighter than moon couldn't tell looked like vertical flat triangular piece above the flame

05JUN2012 kathy philbrick willard, ohio 9 pm. est 15 sec. from right to left. not sure of directions... bright fire ball. strangest thing ever saw. orange, and bright white sun nothing falling off. very small trail/tail it moved so fast i couldnt get a picture. but was faster than anything ive ever seen in the sky

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