27 June 2012

Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming, Kansas Daytime Bolide Meteor Fireball 20JUN2012

Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming, Kansas Daytime Bolide Meteor Fireball 20JUN2012
Sighting Reports from the Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico Daytime Bolide Meteor Fireball 20JUN2012
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Sighting Reports Received:

20JUN2012 Rene Fisher Rifle, Colorado, USA 1330 Mountain Time 4-5 seconds north to south/ east shiny, metallic reflection like a mirror not that i could tell arc like a shooting star

20JUN2012 Franco Milliken, CO 1pm mst 3 United States Seen a bright white ball with white tail falling southeast Brighter then moon no The object was pretty big and really bright

20JUN2012 Jodi Jacobs Mullen, Nebraska USA 12:40 PM MT 3-4 seconds I was driving south saw the meteor traveling South west to the South East Bright white/blueish Extremely bright no huge fireball, streaking across the sky with a long tail.  Just like seeing a metoer at night only it was in the daytime.  Actually frightened me thinking I was seeing something blow up and fall, until it faded and disappeared.

20JUN2012 Dan Sullivan Pueblo, Colorado USA Mountain time zone 12:35pm 5 seconds start was roughly 2pm going from the west to the east at a -20 degree angle disappeared over the horizon there was no sound but the color of the flame was a very bright green with blue tail end same as sun no fragmentation noticed object traveled from directly above me to out of sight with in roughly 5 seconds

20JUN2012 Drew Doner Walsh, Colorado, USA 1:30 PM   Mountain Time Zone 4 sec West to east and was facing north very bright white ligjht with an orange tail behind it as it was falling Not as bright as the sun but very close No Moving very fast and looked like it hit the ground before it burned up

20JUN2012 Donavan Colorado City, Colorado 12:45 M.T p.m. only saw it for 5 seconds driving north, looking northeast. Fell left to right Blue/green color bright as sun in middle of ball. Just one ball shape very fast moving almost looked like it touched grown but large hill was in the way.

20JUN2012 Troy Vaille Silverthorne, CO, USA 12:45:00 3 seconds N to S east of silverthorne green yellow fireball for about 3 seconds same as sun no none

20JUN2012 Jeff & Karri Colorado Springs, CO 12:38pm Mountain time 2-3 seconds Facing east, it traveled from N to S Bright white center, bluish-green around, long yellow tail Bright enough to stand out in broad daylight no We both thought it was a firework traveling the wrong direction at first, but it was VERY bright and too big and VERY fast. Long tail. We thought we'd see it hit, but a little ways above the overpass it just dissipated. No sound, but we were in a car at a stoplight.

20JUN2012 Brett McNary Tabernash, CO USA 12:37pm MST 5 seconds From up to down and behind mountains to the East white/blue, was in my vehicle so no sound was heard Like the end of a welding tip none observed none

20JUN2012 Lance Taylor Fort Collins, Colorado, USA Approx 23:15 MST 1-2 seconds About 40 degrees high. Travel W-E, Facing North Bright redish/orange Probably comparable to Venus No Very quick event.

20JUN2012 Warren Watson Fraser, Co. U.S.A. 1238 2-3 sec. east, mostly down, left to right white, surrounded in blue sun no very bright, no lingering tail, except as traced on my retina for a few moments. Had the look of fireball, the size of my little finger tip at full arm extension.

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