08 June 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 08JUN2012

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: Breaking News , نيزك ...
By Lunar Meteorite * Hunter
7JUN2012- شهابسنگ ,, نيزك. Meteor Bot Internet Query (MBIQ) bot just triggered on a possible event seen in Lebanon, Cyprus and Turkey. Confirmed "Event" at 20:50 Beirut Local Time. Appears to be a fuel dump from a rocket launch!
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News

Astronomy Association chief: 'UFO' spotted in Lebanon
... which was seen throught Israel's skies on Thursday night was spotted at an altitude of 80 kilometers dozens of kilometers north of the Lebanese border. The object has not been identified but it has been stated that it is not a meteor. (Yaron Druckman)

Police lines flooded with reports of unidentified object
Jerusalem Post
Meanwhile, Lebanese news website Naharnet reported glowing objects spotted over the Lebanese-Israeli border and the Lebanese-Turkish border. The Israeli Astronomical Association said the object was 80 kilometers high and was not a meteor.

Israelis nationwide report seeing UFO
A prominent Israeli astronomer said the object flew above Lebanese territory and is not a meteor. The UFO was also clearly visible in Palestinian territories. A similar sighting in Norway three years ago turned out to be a failed missile test.

Sentry cameras pick up asteroid impacts for astro–geology study
Science Network Western Australia
Speaking at a public lecture on the origin of meteorites at Curtin University recently, applied geology Professor Philip Bland says expanding the existing Desert Fireball Network could help create a geological map of the solar system.

Israelis nationwide report seeing UFO
Hundreds flood police with reports of UFO in nation's skies; Astronomical Association chairman says object isn't a meteor, flew above Lebanon. Similar sighting in Norway in 2009 turned out to be failed missile test Mystery in Israel's skies: Hundreds ...

Lebanon: Unidentified objects – meteors
They quoted scientists who claimed the "explanation was scientific" and that the object was most likely a "large meteorite." The LBCI network reported that: "Luminous objects and meteor bursts appeared over north Lebanon, Marjaayoun, the Bekaa and the ...

Henbury Meteorite Craters - YouTube
2 min
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OK, it's a meteor, science concedes 56 years later
Arizona Daily Star (blog)
Daniel Barringer, subject of today's "100 Days of Science," died in 1929, long before science accepted his claim that a big round hole in the ground in Northern Arizona was caused by a meteor. Definitive proof did not come until 56 years after ...

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