05 June 2012

Venus Transit AWB LIVE Webcast 5/6JUN2012

"Venus Transit" image of SaU 001 Meteorite Chondrule
(c) Tom Phillips / Tom Phillips Meteorite & Rock Art 


Transit of Venus, 5/6 June

On 5/6 June 2012 a celestial takes place that is so rare that it will not be seen again by anyone now living. On June 8, 2004 Venus crossed the face of the Sun for the first time since the 19th century. This spectacle will be repeated again on 5/6 June for the last time until 2117. Astronomers Without Borders has some special plans for this rare event, which will be seen by most of the world's population.

VenusTransit Phone App

Owners of mobile devices using the Apple and Android operating systems can now take part in the largest effort ever to emulate the scientists who sailed around the world to observe transits of Venus.  The free app was developed by Steven van Roode of the Transit of Venus Project in conjunction with AWB.

VenusTransit Web App

Learn more about the transit of Venus, find out what to expect from where you are, see what others are doing and share your own experiences, and more.  Use the web app from any web browser.

Live Webcast of the Transit of Venus from Mount Wilson Observatory

Astronomers Without Borders will be webcasting live from world-famous Mount Wilson Observatory during this rare event, along with top experts in the history of astronomy, authors, and others will gather at the best location for seeing the Venus transit on the North American continent.

Mauna Loa, Hawaii Live
Transit of Venus | exploratorium.edu/venus

The Kwasan Observatory airing livestream the transit from Japan.

Live stream by Ustream

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