05 June 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 5JUN2012

Stargazer calls for Caloundra meteorite witnesses
ABC Online
By Jo Skinner Sunshine Coast astronomer Owen Bennedick is urging anyone who saw a meteoritenear Caloundra last night to contact him. Mr Bennedick runs the Wappa Falls Observatory at Yandina. He says he was with a group of people who saw a bright ...

STAR TRAK: June 2012
The Bootid meteor shower will peak on the night of June 27, when Earth will pass through part of the debris trail of the comet that caused the meteor shower. Meteors will appear to be coming from a point in the constellation Bootes (pronounced ...

20120604 真像HOLD得住 14 隕石撞地球 YouTube

Alamo Impact Event Presentation Set for June 15
Mesquite Citizen Journal
The Alamo Impact Event is so named because of a large meteor strike in southeastern Nevada about 367 million years ago, in the Devonian period, when shallow seas covered much of the state. The impact crushed the ocean floor and threw it into the air, ...

What ever happened to those Clovis hunters?
Arizona Daily Star (blog)
Nobody truly knows why but the consensus seems to be that the changing climate combined with the hunting technology of the Clovis to do them in. There is another theory that posits a big meteor, but we won't go into that.

100 days of science: Massive hole ID'd as meteor crater
Arizona Daily Star
Geologist and mining entrepreneur Daniel Moreau Barringer presented evidence for this site in Northern Arizona as a meteor impact crater in 1906, but it was not recognized as one until years after his death. The crater, about a mile wide and 570 feet ...

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