29 June 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 29JUN2012

SF Fundraising Begins To Build Warning System For Asteroid Threats
CBS Local
A meteor (L) from the Geminids meteor shower enters the Earth's atmosphere. (Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images). ...

Oldest known impact crater found
Cardiff University
A 100 kilometre-wide crater has been found in Greenland, the result of a
massive asteroid or comet impact a billion years before any other known
collision on Earth. ...

L'Université Ibn Zohr révèle les premiers secrets de la météorite martienne "Tissint"
Sous le titre "The Martian Meteorite of Tissint (Tata, Morocco) Preliminary Scientific Study and Reports of the Saharan Nomads by Abderrahmane Ibhi", sont apparues dans une revue américain...

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: England, UK Meteor ...
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Exhumed rocks reveal Mars water ran deep
European Space Agency
By studying rocks blasted out of impact craters, ESA's Mars Express has
found evidence that underground water persisted at depth for prolonged
periods during the first billion years of the Red Planet's existence. ...

A fleeting flyby of a battered world Video
European Space Agency
The long and tumultuous history of asteroid Lutetia was revealed by
ESA's Rosetta spacecraft as it raced past this large, ancient asteroid.
This spectacular movie shows a sequence of images snapped by Rosetta as
it flew past the main-belt asteroid on 10 July 2010. ...

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