06 June 2012

Breaking News MBIQ Detects - Bolide Meteor Fireball Over TX KS OK AR MO 5JUN2012

Breaking News MBIQ Detects - Bolide Meteor Fireball Over TX KS OK AR MO 10:11:00 CDT 5JUN2012 - Meteorites Produced; let the hunting begin!!!
Bolide Meteor Fireball Over TX KS OK AR MO 10:11:00 CDT 5JUN2012
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Bolide Meteor Fireball Sonics Reports OK AR MO 10:11:00 CDT 5JUN2012
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YouTube uploaded by desertengineer1  2012/06/05 121 views
A FEW MINUTES OFF THE CAMERA! Big event over Western Oklahoma, visible from Oklahoma City. Time was recorded as 03:11:00 Z (10:11:00 Central)

Hawley, TX Sandia Sentinel Allsky OK Meteor 5JUN2012 / Kevin Palivec (c) 2012 

Hawley, TX Sandia Sentinel Allsky OK Meteor 5JUN2012 Video / Kevin Palivec (c) 2012

Hawley, TX Direct View Camera OK Meteor 5JUN2012 Video / Kevin Palivec (c) 2012

05JUN2012 brent Douglass, KS, USA 22:15:00 2 secs E-W Green/in car, no sound brighter than moon did not see any very bright green color

05JUN2012 Brenna Moore, OK USA 2213 around 10 seconds I was facing north it was falling from the west to the east A Blue/white trail with a b=red ball on the end Moon I didn't see any I have never seen anything like it!

05JUN2012 Jon Bailey Fort Worth, TX 22:08 Central 5 sec E-W yellow-white moon no none

05JUN2012 Christina Moore, OK United States 22:10pm 5 sec From southwest to Northwest Bright green ball with no sound Bright as a full moon No parts falling off No time to get a picture or video, but I saw a bright green ball falling to the earth to the north with fading green tail behind. No explosion or sound following, but I did notice an Ospry(military mix between airplane and helicopter) following afterwards.

05JUN2012 Elizabeth Baur denton, TX 10:19 central 15 second United States blue moon no none

05JUN2012 Adam Sherman, Texas, USA 22:15 Central Time 3sec E-W Bright Green/Silent >Venus <Moon (Christmas Light) No I wasn't able to see it for it's whole duration.  I just caught a glimpse of it between trees.

05JUN2012 Scott OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, USA 22:25 CST 3 Sec WEST, left to right, falling Green brighter than moon no fragmentation diagonal path as i looked west, traveling left to right, and falling

05JUN2012 Gregory Eberhard Tulsa, OK, USA about 2210 Central 4 sec Left to Right facing West Green round objet with a tail Like the moon. No The size was rather large. If I were to hold a dime out at arms distance it would not completely cover the object.

05JUN2012 stormy mcbride Wichita, Kansas USA 2210 central time zone 30 - 40 seconds left to right facing south bright lime green kinda orangish or reddish trail was green as well a little dimmer than the moon no fragmentation no noise trail remained for at least 10 seconds before disappearing, before passing the trees

05JUN2012 Jerry Headley Sapulpa,Oklahoma-USA 22:15:00 5-10 sec S-W from left to right at arounda 45 degree angle Green same as green GO light no my Girl friend saw thing same things

05JUN2012 Rebecca Land Norman, Oklahoma, United States About 22:30 CT about 10 sec SE to NW Hear a Booming noise then saw a green light cross to sky slightly dimmer than the moon but it was cloudy out no fragmentation that I could see NA

05JUN2012 Glen Alvis Andover, KS 22:10 DCST 2-3 Seconds S-SW Bright White Tail, Very Bright Green Head Moon No Fragmentation Elevation about 30 Degrees South

05JUN2012 Casey Edmond, Ok, USA 10:30pm Central 10 sec S-W->N-W Bright white/blue moon towards end yes Heading out for my fiance and I's 5 year anniversary I spotted this in the sky as I was closing the house door.

05JUN2012 Stacy El Reno, OK 2200 approximately 4 seconds South East to North West no sound large and blue sun but blue for the few seconds it was going no Just excited I was blessed to see this event.

05JUN2012 Emma DeVaul Dallas, TX USA 2213 3-5 seconds 2213/ east to west. I was driving North Bright Green Pretty Bright Not that I saw Bright Green ball falling from sky.

05JUN2012 Johny Ayala Fayetteville, AR, US 2215 2 secs Facing West, Traveling North Shooting Diagonally Downwards Green and Yellow/ No Sound A firework Very Long Tail It was amazing, we had just left a city council meeting where they passed a motion to limit the free speech rights of corporations! Win!

05JUN2012 Tom Reed Flower Mound, Texas, USA 22:11 hours Central Time 3 seconds max. Seemed fairly slow moving compared to other meteors witnessed. Traveling NorthWest, Facing North Large fireball and long tail visable through wispy cloud cover, no sound Road Flare brightness No Fragmentation but seemed to extinguish at approx 10deg above horizon. First observed while looking almost true North. Meteor was falling towards NW at approximately a 45 degree angle. It was bright enough and large enough to be seen through the wispy cloud cover in our area. Also witnessed by my daughter at the same time.

05JUN2012 Steve Norman, OK, USA 2210 CDT/0310Z duration was roughly 4 seconds Facing west, meteor traveled from w to wnw, ended a few degrees above the horizon color was blue much brighter than Venus, not as bright as the moon, but it was viewed through thin cirrus cloud... did not see any Meteor was almost due west of my location, very bright, and disappeared/burned up a few degrees above the horizon...

05JUN2012 Sean McLellan Derby, Kansas 22:06 CENTRAL/STANDARD 6-7 seconds Started across the sky from E-W, or Left to Right as I was headed South brilliant GREEN color extremely bright same as Sun but mostly green Not that I could see I was traveling South in my car when I saw it. From my view I could also see an airplane to the east so I could see the difference in speeds, which the green streak was moving much faster.

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