10 December 2010

Washington State to Canada Meteor 9DEC2010 10DEC2010

Meteor/Meteorite News:
Super long meteor path - Dec 09, 2010 - New Mexico
I captured a fireball last night that traversed a vast amount of sky in the all-sky camera. Here is a link for a .mp4 movie. 1 MB The radio reflection was about one minute long but I just included the head echo and twenty seconds or so of forward scatter.
Thomas Ashcraft  |  HELIOTOWN   |  New Mexico

980 CJME News Talk Radio
“I'm banking on it was a meteor of some sort and just fizzing out before it hits ground.” Experts say the description is similar to what is reported during ...

Readers of Meteor/Meteorite News report:
Palouse,Washington ~3:00 am 9DEC2010
Guest734 (guest) wrote:Yes I saw a green fireball with a huge orange tail on it about 15 minutes ago over western washington state,USA t was to the nrth of me towards Canada.

Surrey, BC - white fireball  6pm Dec 8th
Guest655 (guest):surrey, bc - saw a bright white fireball with a long tail around 6pm Dec 8th -amazing!

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Unknown said...

Out my window in Republic Wa. Looking north small ball falling out of the sky. Only saw for second before it went behind mountain. Sept, 2010. It was going slow and to far to see color or if it had a tail.