20 December 2010

Live Lunar Eclipse from Pakistan - Astronomers Without Borders

Astronomers Without Borders (AWB)
Khwarizmi Science Society, Pakistan - Live Lunar eclipse broadcast* is ON air!
Broadcaster: Umair Asim
Lahore, Pakistan (UT+5)
Equipment: Celestron C14, Losmandy Titan Mount, Mallincam camera
Webcast of the Moon beginning at 15:00 UT and continuing until sunrise before the eclipse begins (*no eclipse seen in this webcast). For teachers and others explaining Earth/Sun/Moon geometry this is a good demonstration of how and why the eclipse is not visible from everywhere on Earth.

other AWB lunar eclipse live camera sites with with continuing coverage of the eclipse* (yes it will arrive):

YouTube video lunar eclipse 2010

Khwarizmi Science Society presents:
Pre-Eclipse web Broadcast from Lahore, Pakistan

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Anonymous said...

how do i see it live on a web-cam because i cant see it.