13 December 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 13DEC2010

U.S. Military in Talks to Share Fireball Data from Secret Satellites 
By Leonard David
SPACE.com's Space Insider Columnist posted: 10 December 2010 07:37 am ET

For decades, the U.S. Department of Defense has operated classified spacecraft loaded with high-tech gear to carry out a range of reconnaissance duties. But the satellites have also spotted the high-altitude explosions of natural fireballs that routinely dive into the Earth's atmosphere, and talks are

Maryland Weather: Geminid meteor shower peaks this week - Weather ...
By Frank Roylance
Geminid meteor shower peaks this week. Meteor shower 2010 FROM TODAY'S PRINT EDITIONS: Watch for “shooting stars” this week as we near the peak of the annual Geminid meteor shower, late Tuesday evening and early Wednesday. ...

Meteor showers tomorrow
Times of India
The Geminid meteor shower - peaking on December 13 night before making its way into the wee hours of December 14 - is the most intense of such celestial ...

Star Stuff: Moon eclipse will provide a rare treat
Muscatine Journal
Don't forget the always great meteor shower called the "Geminids." These guys really put on a great show the nights of Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 13-14. ...

SkyandTelescope.com - Homepage Observing - It's Geminid Time!
The radiant (apparent source point) of the Geminid meteor shower is near Castor ... But the Geminidmeteor shower of mid-December ties or even surpasses the ...

Geminid meteor shower set for clear skies
The Guardian
Some experts believe the annual Geminid meteor shower is becoming more spectacular – though if it is, nobody is sure why – and with cloudless skies possible ..

Giant Jupiter -- sentry of the solar system
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
"Jupiter is a vacuum cleaner placed in our solar system by God to protect us Earth-dwellers from comet, asteroid and meteor strikes. ...

Tough to see the meteore through the burnout smoke
Glens Falls Post-Star
The same can be said of one of my favorite natural phenomenon - meteors. During some of the predictable meteor events my son and I set up lounge chairs and ...
Nation and World: Meteor shower to hit its peak Tuesday
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Astronomers consider it the best meteor shower of the year, with more than 100 meteors streaking through the night sky every hour. The peak will occur early ...

How to observe the 2010 Geminid meteor shower

During the early morning hours of December 14 the peak rate for the 2010 Geminid meteor shower is predicted to be as high as 120 meteors per hour. ...
Geminid meteor shower to illuminate sky in next few days
It is the year's best time to watch meteor showers The year's brightest meteor showers are to become visible in the sky next week. ...
http://www.aolnews.com Full Lunar Eclipse to Dazzle December Sky
AOL News
9) -- Holiday stargazers are in for a December treat: a huge meteor shower and the year's only full lunar eclipse. The annual Geminid meteor shower ...

It's Geminid Time!
Sky & Telescope
But the Geminid meteor shower of mid-December ties or even surpasses the Perseids as the year's richest and most reliable meteor display. ...
Geminid meteor shower to dazzle stargazers; best night for viewing to be ...
New York Daily News
By Michael Sheridan Astronomers call the Geminid meteor shower the best of the year, and more than 100 of the space rocks are expected to light up the night ...

Reader of Meteor/Meteorite News reports:
Claremore OK 1:45AM CST Dec 12 2010 just south of old rt66 on the south side of the city of Claremore, Oklahoma
Saw a meteorite glowing green and moving incredibly fast as it burned up with possible large orange spark of material descending after the main flare of the burn out was facing north while taking out the trash and it seemed to come from behind me so it was falling at a  south to north orientation and it burned up what looked like "airliner circling an airport" height and an orange spark continued from it  a bit further down and went out of sight beyond the houses and trees to the north of me.I never saw one this close, usually waaay far off and barely visible and it almost scared me until I realized what I was seeing was just a much closer version of meteorites burning up.  (contact info on file)

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