20 December 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse 20-21 December 2010

Poster credit: Azhy Hasan (Download print version)

Total Lunar Eclipse 20-21 December

The last eclipse of 2010 will occur on the night of 20-21 December. The eclipse will be visible from North and South America, with the partial phases and even a bit of totality seen from other places. Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) will bring the eclipse to those who won't otherwise have a chance to view the eclipse due to geography or weather. AWB also launches Eclipses without Borders with this lunar eclipse, providing ways to share the eclipse with fellow astronomers around the globe.

Live Online
Those not able to see the eclipse can watch online thanks to Night Skies Network (NSN). NSN's broadcasts feature live webcams, narration and chat boxes to talk to the operators and other visitors from around the world.
The Moon will set before the eclipse begins as seen from most of Asia.  An NSN webcam in Pakistan will show the full Moon moving towards the Earth's unseen shadow before the eclipse begins.
Europe will see the eclipse begin but only the partial phase.  Astronation will broadcast the beginning of the eclipse with the Moon setting before totality begins.
Details for each webcam, including links to their broadcast pages, are available on the AWB web site.

Eclipses without Borders
This new program brings amateur astronomers and others together to share their eclipse-watching experiences. AWB members are invited to blog about the eclipse and use the other social networking tools on the AWB web site.  Read more on the Eclipses without Borders page.

NASA Is "Up All Night" For The Eclipse
NASA astronomers will answer questions in live chat sessions, including during their own live webcast of the eclipse. See the NASA page for more information.

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