05 December 2010

Colorado; Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas Bolide Meteor Fireballs 3DEC2010 Witnesses Meteor/Meteorite News 5DEC2010

Readers Reports for 3DEC2010 Meteor -
 Colorado Meteor 18:30 MST /// Kansas- Oklahoma- Arkansas Meteor 23:00 CST

If any video becomes available it will be posted.  Those with additional information are encouraged to comment or email drtanuki@gmail.com  IF anyone has photos or videos please contact ASAP.  Thank you.  LunarMeteorite*Hunter

COLORADO 6:30pm 3DEC2010 Reports:
Colorado Springs, CO approx. 6:30 pm Friday, Dec 3
Simona wrote, Just a quick note as I saw this incredible meteor on Friday night (12/3) & the website I had told about it still hasn't posted the event. It was approx. 6:30 pm local time, I was driving north on the eastern side of Colorado Springs & saw it in the eastern sky, extremely low. I would have sworn it landed only 10 miles to the east of me t was the most amazing one I've ever seen just b/c it was so incredibly low & close. What is even odder to me is that about 6-9 months ago I saw another incredible meteor, when I was driving & was at the exact same location as this one (Approx. Powers Blvd x Dublin), what are the odds of seeing a meteor entering the atmosphere a few months apart when you are driving (& the driver) both times at almost the exact same location. The other meteor however was in the northwest sky & was much higher. Appeared to be landing over the Air Force Academy regards, Simona

just east of Denver International Airport ~6:30pm 3DEC2010
Guest490 (guest) wrote elp allsky:: On Friday Dec. 3rd, 2010 at about 6:30 pm I was driving just east of Denver International Airport. I thought I was witnessing a plane crashing at first, but there was no hint of red or orange color, it was bright white with a long tail and lasted for several seconds. It seemed to be close to the ground north and east of Barr Lake .

Centennial, Colorado at 6:28 pm last Friday, Dec 3
Guest625 (guest): I also saw the large,bright, blue-green "Denver" meteor from my home in Centennial, Colorado at 6:28 pm last Friday, Dec 3. I'm 46 and it's the most spectacular I've ever seen. It moved slowly compared to typical meteors that I've seen. It was about 15-20 deg above horizon, azimuth about 20 deg (NNE),and moved north or northwest. It must have been even brighter than it looked to me,because minutes later I noticed the sky was hazy and partly obscured by high clouds in that area.

Golden, CO, at @ 6:30 pm 3DEC2010
Guest921 (guest) wrote:Yesterday, Dec. 3, I was leaving a restaurant in Golden, CO, at @ 6:30 pm and saw a HUGE green ball in the sky to the Northeast,falling North North West. At first I thought it was plane that had blown up into a fireball, it was that big, but then the way it disappated, I assume it was a meteor. It was HUGE (and beautiful!) It was much bigger than any shooting star that I have ever seen.It moved very quickly.My husband, who left the restaurant and went to a different car, did not see it.

Brekenridge, CO to Denver Hwy 6:30MST 3 DEC2010
Jennifer wrote, "A friend and I were driving back from Breckenridge, CO (to Denver) and saw a HUGE ball in the sky. We were in the mountains so I’m not positive about the direction but it looked to be moving downward from the north heading east. It lasted so long and was so big that we actually wondered if Denver would still be there when we got back. It was right around 6:30 MST. It looked to be white/greenish and was above the clouds but not so high that it looked to be out of the earth’s atmosphere. The object looked the size of a cantaloupe from our vantage point so I can only imagine how big it really was. The clouds lit up as it fell behind them and eventually it fell beyond our view since we were limited by the mountains around us. Even still, the event lasted at least 7 seconds, probably more. I’ve seen many shooting stars and this was so far from what a typical shooting star looks like that I cannot imagine that it didn’t cause some damage if it actually was a meteorite. I guess there is always the possibility that it was a flare, but it seemed far too high and to be moving much more horizontally to the earth than a flare would. We tried googling it when we got home but hadn’t found anything yet. This morning I saw this site when I googled it again so I thought I’d way in. Any idea what this was??"

Colorado Springs Hwy to Denver 6:30pm 3DEC2010
Mitriza (guest) wrote: So glad we weren't the only ones to see it! We were driving north from Colorado Springs at about 6:30 pm on 12/3/2010 and saw a blue-green light to the NE falling quickly. It faded for a half second and then came right back. We were waiting for a boom or fireball but nothing happened.Very curious. Never seen anything like that before.

Boulder, CO on 12/3/10 at 6:30 PM
Anonymous posted on elp allsky ...
I was driving east on Table Mesa Blvd in Boulder, CO on 12/3/10 at 6:30 PM and saw this large green meteor to the north of me, coming out of the east. It was truly the most incredible falling star I've ever seen. As the others posted, it was in view for several seconds. I even had a chance to tell my husband "check it out" and he saw the tail end.

Golden, CO @6:30 on December 3, 2010
Jeanne Judge e-mailed elp allsky:
 Last night at @ 6:30 p.m. I saw a striking and large ball of green light in the sky, Northeast in the sky from Golden, CO. It was much larger and greener than any shooting star that I have seen in the past. At first I thought that it was a fireball from an airplane it was that striking. It fell to the North/North/West very quickly and dissipted while it was still well above the earth.

Golden, CO @6:30 on December 3, 2010
Guest206 (guest) wrote elp allsky: Saw a very large green ball of light in the sky north east of Golden, CO @6:30 on December 3,2010. At first I thought it was a fireball from an exploded plane it was that large- but it was green in color,moved very quickly,and diddipated quickly. It was quite beautiful and stunning.It fell to the NNW in the sky (still significanyly east of Golden and, it appeared, Denver)

Westminster, Colorado ~18:29 MST 3DEC2010
justme (guest) wrote: I saw the same as mentioned by Buck Lynn earlier tonight and finally took the time out (to try and find out what I saw). I am in Westminster and I gasped and it looked so large I tried to make my husband look at what I half thought was a plane crashing. lol
This was also out of the north... and it was after dinner but I do not know the time,but it was very bright and huge, white in color. I forgot to make a wish, after I mentioned it and talked with my husband about what he missed looking at he told me to make a wish...hey if I get a million dollars we will celebrate (but it must have been about 2 or 3 minutes after it vanished from the sky).

Denver, Colorado ~18:29 MST 3DEC2010
Buck Lynn wrote: "My name is Buck Lynn, in Denver, Colorado. I was just looking for info on what I saw tonight, it was at 18:28pm MST in the North sky slightly east. Biggest entry I have ever seen. I'd love to know if this was unusual? it was SO big I immediately texted a friend of mine after the sighting, that msg was sent at 18:29 MST so the event occured within the last minute or so. I`m an hour and a half north of Monument CO,though and the body was way north of me.I was in prime vewing position. That scared me I actually braced for impact. I`ve seen lots of falling stars"this was way different and much bigger. "

North East of Monument Colorado TIME? 3DEC2010
Guest359 (guest):Just saw what appeared to be a meteorite North East of Monument Colorado...Big,Bright, Blue...fell through the clouds and lit them up...Way cool...what was it???

Kansas- Oklahoma- Arkansas 11:00pm 3DEC2010 Reports:
Mtn. View, Arkansas 11:00 p.m CST 3DEC2010
Guest305 (guest): I live near Mtn. View, Arkansas late last night about 11:00 p.m. I was loading wood in furnace and looked in the western sky and saw a huge green fireball it fell down till it dissapered behind tree line it was by far the biggest shooting star i've ever seen.

Seminole, Oklahoma - green glow falling from sky Dec. 3, 2010.

east of Yukon, Oklahoma 23:08 CST 3DEC2010
dabolay said...Friday, December 3, 2010 @ 11:08 PM My wife and I were returning home to Oklahoma City and were just east of Yukon, Oklahoma when we noticed a bolide style meteor travel from near the southwest to northeast part of the sky. The bolide emanated a bright green glow and significantly long smoky trail. The sighting lasted less than five seconds and because we were driving, we were unable to stop and photograph the incident.

Ottawa, Kansas 23:00 CST 3DEC2010
Anonymous commented,
"I was traveling south about 20 miles south of Ottawa, K.S. on Dec 3, 2010 at 11pm I seen a big green flash behing the clouds then I seen a hug white balling falling and appeared to explode and then disappear all less than ten seconds."

Stillwater, OK at 23:00 CST 3DEC2010
Guest185 (guest): Saw a green light falling from the sky from Stillwater OK at 11PM central time 12/3/10. I was driving east and saw it slightly to the south. reported on elp allsky

Edmond, Oklahoma 23:00 CST 3DEC2010
(guest): I saw a green light falling vertically around 11pm in Edmond, Oklahoma as I was driving home.I thought it was part of a flare or firework it was bright and it faded before it hit the ground. It definitely looked like it was in our atmosphere. My husband also saw the same light. He was driving north on I-35. reported on  elp allsky

15 miles east of Coffeyville, KS around 11:00pm CST 3DEC2010
Lyndon Davis e-mailed elp allsky : A friend and I were sitting on the porch of a hunting cabin, far away from any light sources. I saw a very large greenish fireball fall sometime around 11:00pm (10:47pm if I recall correctly). I was in Southeastern Kansas (approximately 15 miles east of Coffeyville, KS) and the object was to the south, falling in a straight vertical line to the ground. We did not hear any noise, but it was bright enough to cast shadows for approximately 3 seconds and cause my friend (who was looking in the opposite direction) to turn around and look due to the intensity of the light.
It had an appearance somewhat like a flare. I did not see any trail or debris coming from it. It was, by far, the largest thing I have ever seen fall from the sky.

Oklahoma City, OK 11:00pm CST 3DEC2010
Kaysi e-mailed elp allsky My name is Kavysania Kinslow I am in Oklahoma City, OK. I witnessed this same thing last night at about 11:00 from across the street from the State Capitol Building, in Oklahoma City. Do you have any idea what this may have been. Would please keep me informed. Thank you for your post and time. Kaysi


Unknown said...

Friday, December 3, 2010 @ 11:08 PM

My wife and I were returning home to Oklahoma City and were just east of Yukon, Oklahoma when we noticed a bolide style meteor travel from near the southwest to northeast part of the sky. The bolide emanated a bright green glow and significantly long smoky trail. The sighting lasted less than five seconds and because we were driving, we were unable to stop and photograph the incident.

Lunar Meteorite * Hunter said...

Thank you for your observation and comment! Please do go to the AMS report site your report is important to finding a potential fall location. Thank you.