09 December 2010

Breaking News- Multiple Meteors Worldwide- UK Massive Daytime Bolide Fireball 8DEC2010 9DEC2010

Reports from Readers of Meteor/Meteorite News:

Large Fragmenting Fireball 2010 12 08 17:30 - 17:45 UT in the UK

My wife just saw an amazing meteor in the UK.....Unfortunately I still had my head in the car unloading and missed it :-( It must have been very spectacular further north  as she observed at looking into the remainder of the glowing light from sunset and with a fair bit of light pollution....very low slow and distant. She reports as follows:
Site Location:
Swannington, Leicestershire, 
Latitude: 52°44’16.92”N, Longitude: 01°22’ 51.65”W
Date 8DEC2010 Time: 17h 39m 00s GMT
Visible duration (in seconds): at least 3 Train Details: large fragmenting fireball
Sounds: None apparent Fragmentation: Yes Colours: White
Large fragmenting fireball brighter than Jupiter but not as bright as the full moon travelling apparently east to west seen for the length of the plough directly below the plough, low, (3/4 above horizon 1/4 below plough) Initial start of hot flight not noticed so could have lasted longer. Seen through light pollution and probably too distant to hear associated sounds/detonations. Report by Graham Ensor in the UK

Other reports from the UK-

And (guest) reported on elp allsky : just saw a bright white/blue/purple meteor with a long orange/yellow trail over Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Guest919 (guest): just saw a fireball go across Melton Mowbray, United Kingdom... it as quite low and went really fast... trail of like fire behind it!! any way of knowing what it was at all?

Guest521 (guest): Saw fireball just before it had a tail which broke up as it sped NNE to SSW over Glasgow, Scotland at 1735hrs. It was the comparative size of the Moon which was low in the west at the time.

Guest366 (guest)reported on elp allsky : I saw it over Sheffield at 17:35 GMT. Very impressive. 

Guest995 (guest): Saw it 17.35 GMT Dudley, England travelling SW.Could it be 1st stage of Falcon 9 rocket re-entering atmosphere?

The SPA Meteor Section have so far received about 15 reports of a bright fragmenting fireball from across northern England and Scotland see at apporoximately 2010 12 08 17:30 - 17:45 UT. I'm sure there'll be more on this shortly. reported by David E.

Guest66 (guest): Saw a bright light in the east sky around an hour ago in western iowa, turned green before it faded, any ideas?

Guest838 (guest): I saw a large green sparkly meteor slowly shoot over northeastern Iowa and also was curious if anyone else had seen it!
fiat128: Yesterday at aoubt 5:00 PM (more or less) I saw a meteor fall in Juarez Mexico, just across the border before.The angle was nearly straight down (about 85-89 degrees). I've seen several meteors before but this is the first one I every saw in the daylight. The fireball went out before it crossed the horizon so I guess it burned up. I can't find any mention of the event on the internet,have you guys heard anything about it? My name is Wiley Robinson and I will try to get more specific information today such as the coordinates, direction etc. 
Guest204 (guest): Just saw bright orange meteor in low eastern horizon about 20 minutes ago in Yuma AZ.  Lasted 3 to 5 seconds, large and long orange tail started then stopped,then main portion,thought at first it was a flair from Naval gunnery range, but too large and flew in wrong directions had me stunned watching it at first, lol. reported on elp allsky

Meteor/Meteorite News: 
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