14 December 2010

Texas, Montana, Canada, Oklahoma Meteors 13DEC2010 14DEC2010

Readers of Meteor/Meteorite News Report:
Jeffery H. wrote,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 6pm December 13, 2010. I saw a green meteor go from the south to the north lasting about 5 seconds. 

London Ontario Canada, 10:15pm 13DEC2010
Bennett (guest)I just saw a bright orange and red meteor for at least 6 seconds goin from east to west december 13 London Ontario Canada, 10:15pm it was beautiful

Guest445 (guest)We are seeing Meteorites here in ST. Marie Montana about every 50 seconds rite now.Mostly white streaks but very interesting and beautiful.

Anon. wrote:
Saw a white meteor in ST. Marie, Montana at 12:40 am Dec. 14th 2010. Lasted 7 seconds and looked like it landed very close by, with in about 20 miles. Had a very long trail of bright white smoke. Now it looks like there is smoke blowing my way. I think I am going to drive around and see if I can find it. Maybe it hit a building or something, and maybe there is a fire close by. 

Guest738 (guest)I'm in el paso texas at 12midnight I was seeing streaks of light go by 1-2 here and there for 5min I wanted to know as it gets later will I see more or less? its 1:30am right now?

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