27 December 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 27DEC2010

Dec 25, 2010 evening fireball - New Mexico

reported by Thomas Ashcraft  |  New Mexico
Nice meteor over eastern New Mexico Dec 25 at 2218 MST evening. (Dec 26, 2010, 0518 UTC).
Interestingly, the slower and sometimes larger the fireball, the less radio scatter reflection it creates. This one made just a subtle "twinkle."

Team extends Stardust's fuel mileage for comet mission
December 23, 2010
DENVER -- A lean team of Lockheed Martin engineers is taking fuel efficiency to new heights. Flight controllers here are meticulously managing what little fuel is left inside the Stardust spacecraft speeding toward a Valentine's Day rendezvous with Tempel 1, a ball of ice and rock bombarded by a manmade impactor five years ago. NASA and Lockheed Martin officials are confident Stardust has just enough fuel to pull off the flyby, which is scheduled around 11:30 p.m. Eastern time on Feb. 14. ...

Meteor Showers in 2011
Sky & Telescope
by J. Kelly Beatty Spend even an hour under a dark, Moonless sky, and you'll likely catch sight of ameteor as it suddenly and unexpectedly paints a bright ...

Wave at the International Space Station This Week
There are so many objects up there to catch our attention; the moon, stars, planets and even the occasional meteor. Let me give you another object look for! ...

Discoveries, cosmic events await new decade
Akron Beacon Journal (blog)
The Quadrantid meteor shower peaks in the early morning hours of Jan. 3 and 4. Observers may see from 10 to around 60 meteors per hour at maximum. ...

Sparkling silence at last
Nashua Telegraph
Early on during the first month of 2011, we kick off the new year with a regularly pleasing meteorshower. The Quadrantids typically produce around 40 ...

Press Herald
The other highlights for this first month of the year include another meteor shower, Jupiter still gracing our evening sky, and Saturn and Venus adorning ...

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