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01 December 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 01DEC2013

Read 'Researchers confirm meteor as source of flash and boom west of Montreal' from our blog Geekquinox on Yahoo News Malaysia. Tuesday night, at just .

Scientists baffled by new pictures of Comet ISON
After a multi-million-year plunge from the frozen fringes of the solar
system, Comet ISON may have broken apart and evaporated in the fierce
heat and crushing gravity of the sun before or during a close flyby Thursday, presumably scotching long-held hopes for a dramatic sky show on Earth over the next few weeks. Or maybe not....

Last night I saw a blue meteor over North Carolina
Last night I was sitting by a fire with a friend just reminiscing. I have a bad habit of looking at the sky. Luckily I was looking in the right place and I saw a blue ...

DNews: Meteorite Reveals Secrets of Mars' Past ...
A piece of rock found its way all the way from Mars to a desert in northwest Africa. And now it has

ISON - Christmas surprise: shooting stars or meteor ?, page 1
An interesting turn in the case of Comet ISON: Sergei Smirnov, spokesman for the Observatory Pulkovo announced in St. Petersburg, lost the "century comet" in ...

Meteor Falls in Western Greece - Astro Watch
Many residents of Western Greece experienced a unique and incredible phenomenon at 9pm Wednesday evening. Meteorologists spoke of a meteorite that was ...

Chris Hadfield says no need to panic after possible meteor in Montreal
Hamilton Spectator
Two Ontario-based professors said Wednesday the phenomenon was likely a fireball, with one suggesting it was probably between the size of a baseball and a ...

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 29NOV2013
Breaking News- Washington, Alberta, British Columbia Fireball Meteor 27NOV2013. ... WAS it ameteor, a comet, space junk or the start of the alien invasion?

Eyewitnesses describe Wednesday's Queensland meteor as 'comet ...
The stars aligned for some lucky Fraser Coast sky watchers on Wednesday evening. Dozens of people reported seeing what was believed to be a meteorite ...

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