28 December 2013

Breaking News- OK TX AR Meteor 27DEC2013 with video

Breaking News- OK TX AR Meteor 2252 CST 27DEC2013 with videos
Meteorites may have been Produced!
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OK TX AR Meteor 2252 CST 27DEC2013
v1 c2013 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth
OK TX Meteor 2252 CST 27DEC2013  / over central Texas. 04:52:45 UTC 28 Dec
Sandia Senrtinel Allsky Network, OKC Station, James Beauchamp

Sandia Senrtinel Allsky Network, Hawley, TX Station, Kevin Palivec

Report your meteor sightings please-

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Initial Meteor Sighting Report-
27DEC2013 Michael S between Benton & Hot Springs AR 1052 PM Central about 4 seconds was facing west // object was left (west/northwest) fell straight down huge green ball with tail bright as a full moon went out for a second (i assumed passing thru a cloud layer) then back and continued straight down (no sound noticed as i was in car westbound on I-30 it was a huge green ball with a bit of blue tinge. fell straight down. wish i had been out of car, i expect i would have seen higher and longer and possibly heard something. can't believe how big it was & fairly slow straight down with a tail and an eerie green glow. wish i had a picture!

27DEC2013 Brandin lemons Mineral Wells, Texas, USA 2254/ central, PM 2-3 secs Started Eastern part of sky and headed east very short Large explosion then meteor streak down Very large explosion like the rising sun then about half or quarter size of moon after explosion Single streak down to east after the explosion didnt see it till the explosion very large only have seen three other events like this and I watch meteors all the time.

27DEC2013 Mickey Jobe Davis, Oklahoma 2252 1 second E-W facing S Bright light like lightning followed by breakup into several bright green sparks Initial flash illuminated like day, breakup resembled fireworks At least 3 different bright green sparks upon breaking up N/A

27DEC2013 william scott fitts tyler,texas centrial time;1030 pm. 10 seconds? i was facing west,it was big and it had a trail behind it an seemed to be going down in a northwesterly direstion,this one was a falling one an i kinda heard a noise with it bluish hazy trail,bright very bright an probally close none ,but itself none

27DEC2013 Angie Hoelscher and Mack Westbrook jarrell, TX approx. 10:00-10:30 PM 1-2 seconds we were facing north. meteorite travelled east to west green and white. looked like embers coming off tail it was about the same brightness as the moon no it was coming in a downward direction east to west

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Rachel Anderson said...

Your reporting form isn't working... but my mom and I were driving back from Houston last night and saw a very large and bright falling green light between 11pm and midnight near Sommerville, Texas. It was definitely strange! Any other word on that incident?

Unknown said...

I saw the meteor from my pourch in Irving, TX! It lit up the whole complex with a the most amazing blue lite. It had a huge blue tail following it... very amazing!

DyMondSaPhireE said...

I live in Rosharon, TX. My daughter and I were on or way to the grocery store last night about 10:30 pm and we saw a falling star, at first I thought it was a plane then it started fallen really fast like it was on fire and my daughter said make a wish. It was Amazing I have never saw anything like that in my life!