20 December 2013

GA SC Daytime Fireball Meteor 19DEC2013

GA SC Daytime Fireball Meteor between 6'30 to 7 pm EST 19DEC2013
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SC GA Meteor 19DEC2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reeports-
19DEC2013 Paige Athens, GA 19:00:00 10 seconds United States Looked like a falling star then looked like it exploded. star then a far away explosion about as bright as mars Im not sure wasnt close enough to see fell straight down toward the ground, then there was an orange explosion and it was gone.

19DEC2013 Christeen Bramlett Greer Sc USA 18:43:00 3 sec NW Green light Neon green No Came down Fast 

19DEC2013 Amy Hennum Sale Loganville, GA 6:30pm Eastern about 5 second traveling East saw NE Green color no sound less bright than the moon Looks like just exploded then disappeard\ed No more observations

19DEC2013 Terry P. Griffin, Ga 18:35:00 2 seconds from sighting Almost straight down White Moon Did not see long enough Roughly slightly north of due east from downtown Taylor St.

19DEC2013 NYfan Fort mill, south Carolina in the united states 6-6:45 3-4 seconda S-E fast moving object projecting a greenish glitter from behind moon none that were noticeable just want to know what I saw

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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