29 December 2013

Breaking News- MI Daytime Fireball 28DEC2013

Breaking News- MI Daytime Fireball Approx. 17:15 EST 28DEC2013

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Initial Meteor Sighting Report-
28DEC2013 Wayne Edmondson Manistee, MI, USA 17:15 EST 20-30 seconds Looking southwest, it appeared to go straight down over the far southwest sky. White tail, fireball, red backlit sky Bright as a star at night. Very big fireball Yes, split into 2 or more pieces and made the fireball flicker My son and I watched thinking it was a jet stream, but the front kept getting brighter like a fireball. That's when we realized it was a meteor, and watched it until it broke up and burned out. It seems like it lasted a while, about 20-30 seconds, maybe more. Hard to compare to a split second shooting star.
-Confirmed by telephone-  Thank you Wayne!

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Unknown said...

28th December approx 09.50 GMT: I watched a very bright white light with tail travel straight down, it appeared next to the sun. I watched it eventually burn up and parts disintegrated. It lasted a long time not like shooting star. I thought it could be remnants of comet Ison?? The sky went pinkish around it for a few seconds