12 December 2013

Greece TWO Fireballs in 24 Hours 11/12DEC2013

Greece TWO Fireballs in 24 Hours 11/12DEC2013

Please file your meteor sighting-

I was reading the news (i am out of country at the moment) and i have read about 2 fireball reportings, one in the vicinity of Athens and another in Zakynthos in the past 24 hours. The media report (over exaggerating, as usual) about meteorite drops....

There seems to be photo evidence of the initial flash, 8:30am in Patra:

Rough translation - the object had a long train, remained in view for 20s before disappearing out of sight

If anyone else has any news about this (any Greeks who have any other information or possibly Italian residents in the south), it would be good to share.

Thanks and best regards,
Alex Daskalakis

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