20 December 2013

UK / Scotland Daytime Bolide Meteor 19DEC2013

UK / Scotland Daytime Bolide Meteor approx 08:00 GMT 19DEC2013
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UK / Scotland Daytime Bolide Meteor approx 08:00 GMT 19DEC2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
19DEC2013 Ronnie Johnson Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, England 08:00 GMT 1 second Around East, North-East in Sky. From start point went approximately South-West down at about a 30-40 degree angle. Right to left. I was facing East. No sound. Bright white/blue. Daytime sky and brighter than Venus! No Burnt up fairly quick but was spectacular. Like a film. Never seen one this bright and in the day too. Stunning.

19DEC2013 Ann Folan Anfield Liverpool England 07:56 UK time 2-3 seconds South to North Orangy Pink pale tail Bright like a Didn't see any it seemed to come from nowhere then just disappear through the sky, the only explanation would be like a needle coming through the fabric (the sky) the going back out again. It was so pretty, made my day.

19DEC2013 Fiona Barron Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 8:00:00 about 5 seconds Facing West, appeared to be moving North to South Bright white with tail, in a car so didn't hear anything. Brighter than the moon - nearer to sun (obviously smaller) did not notice Unusual as it was bright even in daylight

19DEC2013 Helen HALIFAX, west Yorkshire, UK 0800AM/GMT 5 secs (?)until out of sight towards Northeast across canal near Elland No sound, fireball head with long white tail bright dazzling white but less bright than sun. Like a torch at close range. no no

19DEC2013 Barry McHale Reading, Berkshire, UK 800 2/3/2013 SSW-NNE White - no audible sound very bright white light No None

19DEC2013 Andy Heyland Chester, Cheshire. UK 8:00:00 4 North West (I think) purple Bright as the moon No Very visible with long purple tail

19DEC2013 Mick Till Derbyshire united Kingdom 8.1 4 North bright white moon no Brightest i have ever seen and seemed low

19DEC2013 Helen Critchell St Neots, Cambridgeshre, UK; Near 0800 GMT (daylight) 2 seconds Left to right, East to West Very bright white, in daylight. No sound Very bright. Looked almost like burning phospherous. Very white. Not that I could see Much larger and brighter than any shooting star I have seen at night-time and completely took me by surprisea s the sun was well up and it was daylight. Disintegrated quite low to the earth. We are pretty flat around here.

19DEC2013 Robert Collins Derby, Derbyshire, England UK 8:00:00 5-6 seconds N-S sound / light blue bright as the full moon no visible in light blue sky

19DEC2013 Rick Parsons Lakenheath, Suffolk, England 800 approximatly 1 - 1.5 second SSW-NNE heading north. I was facing north bright white / no sound moon no A rapid moving bright white streak. shallow flat tradjectory. I saw it in almost full daylight.Clear early morning blue sky no clouds

19DEC2013 karen websdalae oxfordshire, UK; ox15 5rs 7.59 20 secs s-ne brillaint white ball and trail brighter than moon just a trial just shocked to see in day light such a brilliant white ball in sky

19DEC2013 Steve Herridge weston-super-mare somerset uk 7.58 1 second Facing North. Travel vertical downwards. yellow/white electric spark no Broad daylight in clear blue sky.

19DEC2013 Tim Porter Winchester, Hampshire, UK; 5 miles North of 7:55:00 maximum 1 seconds SW to NE white light, no noise heard (in the car listening to music) similar to sun No happened so quickly I doubted what I saw.

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