20 December 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 20DEC2013

Quadrantid meteor shower peaks in early January | Astronomy.com
The Quadrantid meteor shower peaks just before dawn January 3, 2014, and will produce up to 120 meteors per hour.

Meteor Showers-Ursids& Quadrantids - Homesteading Today
The next meteor shower competes with the waning moon. The Ursids, appearing to come from Ursa Minor, will peak 12/21 and 12/22.

The von Karman Lecture Series: 2014Asteroid Redirect Mission: Rearranging the Solar System
Nov. 6 & 7, 2014
The Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission (ARRM) concept seeks to rendezvous
with, capture, and redirect to translunar space an entire small
near-Earth asteroid with a mass of up to approximately 1000 metric
tonnes. It would focus the capabilities of the science, technology, and
the human exploration communities on a grand challenge creating a new ...

HUGE Meteor seen several states and two ...
4 min
Dec 10th 2013. Large Meteor shakes homes and makes a loud boom. Residents from ...

You might see some Ursid meteors, beginning now
The annual Ursid meteor shower always peaks near the time of the December winter solstice, so, in 2013, look for some possible activity over the next ...

2014 The Year of CERTAIN Uncertainty; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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