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31 March 2010

Meteorite Found in Slovakia from 28FEB10 Bolide 1APR2010

Foto: TASR/Lukáš Furcoň

Astronómovia našli pri Vyšnom Klátove zvyšky meteoritu - ‎49 分前‎
VYŠNÝ KLÁTOV. Slovenskí astronómovia objavili úlomky meteoritu, ktorý spadol na zem 28. februára krátko pred polnocou pri Košiciach. ...
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Megtalálták a Magyarország feletti tűzgömb lehullott darabját

Origo - ‎1 時間前‎
Volt olyan nap, hogy egy égi kő sem akadt a keresők hálójába, de két napon is több mint 20 meteorit került elő. Eddig 64 meteoritot találtak, ... [see original for photos and whole text]
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Found the Magyarország over fireball litterfall piece
Currently taking place in Bratislava on 28 February, a large vocal fireball fell to the ground to find remnants of notifying the international press conference - says the Hungarian Astronomical Association website. A month ago, has attracted great interest in our country over the saw, causing daytime meteor brightness. The direction of this phenomenon based on reports from hangrobbanásról and even then, it became clear that the land may be worth meteoritokat in Slovakia, near Kosice somewhere should be sought.
Timar Gabor, ELTE Department of Geophysics and Space sciences leader of the [origo] has been on 3 March, said Slovak and Hungarian seismology (earthquakes detector) station data, and the Seismological Institute, the Institute for Policy briefs Sunday evening in a fireball of a piece of land you get.
The accounts of subjectivity, and a few direct observations, however, because at first sight appeared to be very difficult to determine the exact location. What we set out to find, and we have heard many conflicting accounts. The home produced and released two direct-seen shots (and Telkiből Örkényből), however, the staff of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and Pavel Jiri Borovička Spurný could be distinguished from a 3x6-km area near Kosice, where leérhettek remaining debris after the explosion.
The meadows and forested hills separated on March 20 started with the Search for meteorites. Czech and Slovak astronomers, amateur and college students from Hungary began to átfésülni the easily accessible fields, where the winter grass is withered and fell typically offered the chance to find a black meteorite. Csatárláncban, 2 meters from each other along, meter by meter through the studied field, which proved to be an ideal place to research.
Slovak and Hungarian meteoritvadászok (MCSE)
Already first days Could two meteorites Also locate succession near. Impurities free clean black surfaces and localization Seeing immediately knew a searcher that meteorites found. The tiny few centimeter stones considers sat tussock top that was clear only top have been in thither, grasses below soil could not be such situation.
Addressed first found Meteorite an adjacent golf balls (photo: Juraj Toth)
The favorable weather over the next few days, continued the search. There was a day that is a heavenly stone in the search engines had not recruited, but two days more than 20 meteorites were found. So far 64 meteorites were found to have mass 3.9 kg, the maximum bit rate of 2.2 kg, the lowest half-gram. The Czech Geological Survey preliminary examination of the H5 type kondritokról, kőmeteoritokról say is, all of which is a half to one meter in diameter, the remains of meteors, which on February 28, entered our atmosphere, but 20-25 km high explosives, and broken pieces.

Západne od Košíc sa našlo 64 úlomkov meteoritu - ‎15 分前‎
Prvý meteorit, ktorý našiel Juraj Tóth z UK, bol analyzovaný na Fakulte matematiky, fyziky a informatiky UK, kde sa jednoznačne potvrdilo, ...
West of Kosice, Hungary found 64 fragments of meteorite
Division Director interplanetary Astronomical Institute Svoreň John today at a press conference that the total was found in the vicinity of the village Vyšný Klátov 64 meteorite fragments, the largest weighed 2.19 kg and the smallest 0.57 g. The first meteorite, found that George Toth of the University, was analyzed at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics UK, where it is clearly established that the alien body. Total weighted debris found west of Kosice 3.92 kg. They searched 22 people for six days in the field spent 588 hours and passed around a large area of 20 km2. ...

Astronómovia našli pri Vyšnom Klátove zvyšky meteoritu - ‎3 時間前‎
Slovensko má prvý meteorit s rodokmeňom. Ide o meteorit "Košice", ktorý spadol polhodinu pred polnocou 28. februára pri obci Vyšný Klátov, západne od Košíc. ...

Nem UFO volt: Kassa mellett megtalálták a februári meteorit (bolida) darabjait

Paraméter - ‎2 時間前‎
Megtalálták a február 28-i bolida (tűzgömb) darabjait. Az leletre kelet-szlovákiai Felsőtőkés (Vyšný Klátov) közelében bukkantak rá szlovák csillagászok. ...

Západne od Košíc našli 64 úlomkov meteoritu - ‎2 時間前‎
Prvý meteorit, ktorý našiel Juraj Tóth z UK, analyzovali na Fakulte matematiky, fyziky a informatiky UK, kde sa jednoznačne potvrdilo, že ide o mimozemské ...

Na východní Slovensko dopadl meteorit, vědci našli jeho úlomky

Český rozhlas - ‎7 分前‎
Na východní Slovensko dopadlo hodinu před půlnocí 28. února několik desítek kilogramů kamene z vesmíru. Byly to úlomky meteoritu, který shořel v atmosféře, ...

Vo Vyšnom Klátove našli zvyšky meteoritu

Bleskovky - ‎9 分前‎
STARÁ LESNÁ – Slovensko má prvý meteorit s rodokmeňom. Ide o meteorit „Košice“, ktorý spadol polhodinu pred polnocou 28. februára pri obci Vyšný Klátov, ...

Slovakian Noviny-TV News Report
Press conference about meteorites (in Slovakian):

(in headline and in part #4) A bit slow in loading due to site traffic at the moment. Has footage showing a breccia!
Thank you István for your post!

A Felvidéken találták meg a „Kassa” meteort

Szent Korona Rádió - ‎43 分前‎
Elmondta: eddig összesen 64 darab meteorit került elő. A legnagyobb 12 centiméteres átmérőjű és 2,19 kilós, a legkisebb pedig 0,8 centiméteres és 0,57 ...

Slovensko ma raritu: Zvysky meteoritu s rodokmenom

Aktuá - ‎39 分前‎
Stara Lesna Slovensko ma prvy meteorit s rodokmenom. Ide o meteorit "Kosice", ktory spadol polhodinu pred polnocou 28. februara pri obci Vysny Klatov, ...

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