12 March 2010


Proposed mission would return sample from asteroid 'time capsule'

EurekAlert (press release)
Meteorites, pieces of asteroids that break away and plunge to Earth, are "toasted on their way through Earth's atmosphere," Cutlip explained. ...

Meteor likely cause of sonic boom in Cenla

Alexandria Town Talk
By Stephen Largen • Gannett Louisiana News • March 11, 2010 A meteor hurtling through the atmosphere faster than the speed of sound likely caused the sonic ...

Noise and light reported last week turned out to meterorite

Pierce County Herald
Judging from reader comments on the Hudson Star-Observer's Web site, wwww.hudsonstarobserver.com, a rare meteor fireball passed over the community at a low ...

Tunguska Catastrophe Occurred in Antarctica Too

A huge meteorite rammed into Antarctica about 480000 years ago. The meteorite weighed hundreds of thousands of tons. Debris and dust were scattered 3000 ...

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