27 March 2010


村民发现罕见陨石 不给科研机构愿出售

资源网 - ‎12 時間前‎
陨石已经锈迹斑斑,外形受到了严重破坏,十分可惜。” 昨天,北京天文馆专家张宝林焦急地向记者介绍说,今年2月20日,福建省连江县马鼻镇士坎村村民发现了一块从天而降 ...
Rare meteorite found in the villagers do not give research institutions willing to sell
Resources Network - 12 hours ago
The "meteorite has been rusting, shape has been seriously damaged, a great pity." Yesterday, the Beijing Planetarium expert Zhang Baolin anxiously briefed reporters said that this year February 20, mabi Lianjiang County, Fujian Province ...

Izza Marsa na Mežaklo

zurnal24 - ‎8 時間前‎
... akademije znanosti uspelo izračunati izvor in orbito jeseniškega meteorita, kar je izjemen dosežek, saj je s tem postal 11. meteorit z znano krožnico. ...

La meteorite qui s'est ecrasee en 1934, pres de Bettrechies, est aujourd'hui... a la salle des fetes

La Voix du Nord - ‎6 時間前‎
En réalité, il semblerait que ce Constantin ait vu ce jour-là soit une conjonction de planète avec vraisemblablement un passage de météorites. L'évocation ...

Hooked on Science: Check your house for dust from a meteorite

Southeast Missourian - ‎2010年3月24日‎
Using a few materials from around the house you can check to see if space dust has made it into your backyard. STEP 1: Using the jar, have an adult collect ...

City group plans study tour to Lonar crater

Indian Express - ‎2010年3月25日‎
City-based Khagol Vishwa group will take students from Pune on a study tour to the Lonar meteorite crater in Buldana district in the first week of April ...

Amphoterite, Teil 1: NWA 2398

myheimat.de - ‎2010年3月23日‎
Über den genauen Ort und den Finder ist nichts bekannt, aber sehr oft sind es Nomaden, die sich mit den Meteoriten, die sie zufällig entdecken, ...

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