19 March 2010


Meteoritkráterre bukkant a magyar kutató
Magyar Nemzet - ‎21 時間前‎
„Amikor egy meteorit a földbe csapódik, a kőzetek egy rövid ideig hatalmas nyomásnak, több ezer fokos hőmérsékletnek és nagy erejű lökéshullámnak vannak ...

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Meteoritkráterre appeared in the Hungarian research
Hungarian Nation - 21 时间 前
"After a long course of research has been credibly demonstrate that the central part of Japan's research group for many years studied the geological formation of meteoritbecsapódás was actually a remnant crater" - said the Mta.hu's Gucsik Arnold, Veszprém Academic Committee of the MTA (VEAB) and planetológiai Working space sciences, President of Savaria University Center Associate Professor in the Department of the geographical context, that the Japanese mountain Oikeyama research results in the prestigious journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science, said the February issue.
"This is an extremely rare and important discovery because of a geologically active area, such as Japan, have never been shown meteoriteredetű crater" - stressed the importance of research. Experts are currently 176 meteoritkrátert be recorded, but the vast majority of these areas, which are extremely stable for geologic time scale. "In Japan, the heavy rains of 4 mm per year die from the ground, the result of earthquakes and meters may vary from one face of the earth during the year" - Gucsik Arnold explained, adding: Japan, the erosion effects of a possible crater becsapódásos relatively quickly, to transform a few hundred thousand years or even completely disappears. The 200-250 km north-west of Tokyo, Nagano Prefecture in the geological sense, a very young crater counts keletkezhetett during the Ice Age. The southern Japanese Alps, the mountain 2000 meters high Oikeyama lying krátermaradvány dimensions similar to a famous Arizona Barringer meteoritkráterhez: after the formation of 1 km in diameter and 300 m deep have been - the researchers said, noting that today is no longer recognizable in the primary kráterjellegek the the original crater is only 5 percent of the material remained in the area of grace based on the mid-1970s attracted the attention of geologists, when Professor Masao Sakamoto samples collected from the southern Japanese Alps foothills ásványaiból. The rocks are very sharp, running parallel black lines were seen, which surprised the researchers, because this type of minerals have been found so far only meteoritkráterekben.
"When a meteorite slam into the ground, the rocks in a short period of time enormous pressure of thousands of degrees temperature and high-intensity shock waves are exposed to" - explains the researcher from the science deformed by planar sheets, called the origin of the typical petrographic patterns. "When the post-doctoral fellow in Okayama University, Japan arrived and saw the mountain Oikeyama samples collected immediately noticed an astonishingly similar to the Barringer Crater in Arizona kőzetmintázataihoz" - recalled Gucsik Arnold, who is the university's own research group set up within the crater, apparently to investigate further the origin becsapódásos . "Our research has become a real national cause in Japan, triggered a huge interest not only in professional circles, but the public and attracted the attention of the media" - he added, Savaria University Center docense.A work of the group, however, soon encountered obstacles. The profession is not only accepted evidence planar, deformed plates based on test results. Less frequently, but such kőzetdeformációk develop during volcanic activity - the researchers said, then added a personal tragedy shook group, when one of the Japanese counterparts, a senior professor died in a terepbejárás the occasion of the earthquake. Then for years there has been no progress in the research. But suddenly one day it occurred to me that the doctoral studies used during the petrographic petrographic microscopy and spectroscopy method combined with a new meglévőeknél more specific procedures may be applied kőzetvizsgálati - Gucsik Arnold recalled. The idea has inspired researchers in Japan found kőzetmintákat the new method were compared with other meteoritkráterekből from kőzetekkel. Módszerünkkel individual has been identified a hitherto unknown microstructures, which can only meteoriteredetű rocks of the crater - the geochemical expert said, adding that the test results are collected from the scientific community is convinced of the geological formation Oikeyama Hill becsapódásos origin. The first evidence of meteoritbecsapódás crater caused by the Japanese in this research is not closed off. The next step, geologists want to define more precisely the age of the crater. It is likely that during the Ice Age, about 250-500 thousand years ago has evolved, but you want to specify the age and the impact we want to clarify the exact circumstances - VEAB stressed the importance of the researcher and then added a goal to Japan in the crater felkerüljön meteoriteredetű officially registered in the list of craters. To do this, a series of very strict criteria of proof would be described by the researchers to végigvinniük which Hungarian experts shall be involved, since the detection of high-pressure ásványfázisok MTA KFKI staff will be using. (Mta.hu)

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