24 March 2010

Philadelphia, Penn., Chickamauga, Ga. and Channel Is. Meteors 24MAR2010

Fireball Streaks Through Night Sky of Western Alabama (Video)

Allsky meteor cameras at the Marshall Center and near Chickamauga, Ga., recorded a fireball streaking across the sky around 11:19 pm CDT. ...

Bright Fireball Caught on Camera Over Alabama

The fireball was caused by the death plunge of a meteor about the size of a soccer ball as it burned up in Earth's atmosphere on Friday, March 19, ...

Meteor-over-Philadelphia - Video
Posted on YouTube 20MAR2010 by Haasie20
Video shot of a meteor over philadelphia while working in Chopper 10 and WCAU made a story out of it.

Fireball shoots in from outer space

Jersey Evening Post- Channel Islands
By Richard Heath CHANNEL Islanders have been left baffled after what looked like a meteor flashed across the sky on Sunday night. ...

Meteor spotted over islands

Guernsey Press and Star
(0936985) A METEOR was seen over the islands at the weekend, it emerged yesterday. Teacher Patrick Devaney spotted a fireball in the sky as he left his ...

Debris field for a broken meteor [Dot Physics]
ScienceBlogs Tue, 23 Mar 2010 16:37 PM PDT
I happened to catch two parts of two different episodes of Meteorite Men - a show about two guys that look for meteorites. In both of the snippets I saw, they were talking about a debris field for a meteor that breaks up. In these fields, the larger chunks of the meteorite are further down in the field. Why is this? Let me approach this first from a terminal velocity view. This requires a model ...

Spotlight shines on Grimsby meteorite hunt
Niagara This Week Tue, 23 Mar 2010 11:06 AM PDT
Finding meteorites is like finding a needle in a soybean field. Itâs proving difficult for researchers to turn up large pieces of space rock left over from a Sept. 25 fireball which soared through the midnight sky over Grimsby.

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