02 April 2010


Eureka - we've found it!

Donegal Democrat
The same thought occurred to all three at once: “Had they stumbled on the meteor that streaked through the skies over south Donegal on Febuary 3? ...

PAGASA: Meteor shower visible April 22-23

GMA news.tv
A meteor shower in late April will give stargazers a treat as the Lyrids meteor shower makes its appearance from April 22 to predawn of April 23. ...

Couple suspect meteorite hit front yard north of Fort Collins
The Fort Collins Coloradoan Wed, 31 Mar 2010 04:13 AM PDT
LARIMER COUNTY - Roger and Bonnie Hebbert know how quiet it is in Rist Canyon. It is one of the big reasons they live there. ...

Did A Giant Comet Cause Catastrophe In 11000 BC?

One recent meteorite is known which may have come from this giant comet progenitor: the Tagish Lake meteorite, which fell over Yukon Territory in January ...

Meteor strike in Leigh Park study has a deep impact on learning

Portsmouth News
By Sion Donovan Children imagined what it would be like if a meteor struck Leigh Park for a science project. Hundreds of meteors strike the earth every day ...

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