30 March 2010


Space Weather News for March 29, 2010

"RADIO-ACTIVE" SUNSPOT: Over the weekend, big sunspot 1057 emitted a series of radio bursts that caused roaring sounds to issue from the loudspeakers of shortwave receivers. Visit today's edition of http://spaceweather.com
to hear a sample "roar" and to find out how you can build your own solar radio burst monitor.

FIRST FULL MOON OF NORTHERN SPRING: According to folklore, tonight's full Moon has a special name--the Worm Moon. It signals the coming of northern spring, a thawing of the soil, and the first stirrings of earthworms in long-dormant gardens. Step outside tonight and behold the wakening landscape. "Worm moonlight" is prettier than it sounds.

SHUTTLE SIGHTINGS: Space shuttle Discovery is set to launch to the International Space Station on April 5th. During the 13-day mission, the two spaceships will make a series of bright flybys over North America. Check the Simple Satellite Tracker for viewing opportunities: http://spaceweather.com/flybys

And don't forget, there's an application for that, too: http://simpleflybys.com

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