24 March 2010

Meteorite Fall in China 20FEB2010 - Chinese Meteorite News 23MAR2010

今年一号目击陨石遭 损留遗憾
新浪网 - ‎1 時間前‎
本报讯(记者蔡文清)今天上午,刚刚从福州考察今年一号目击陨石归 来的北京天文馆专家张宝林焦急地对记者说:“陨石已有 部 分破损,将给后继的科学研究造成不可 弥补的损失 ...
Beijing Evening News- 23MAR
Dr. Zhang Baolin of the Beijing Planetarium announced yesterday to the press that on 20FEB2010, near Fuzhou City, Fujian Prov., China, a Chinese peasant witnessed a 3.2kg meteorite fall through the air and land some 55 meters away. The man after recovering from the shock of the event searched in the grass and found a hole in the earth and was able to recover the meteorite ...
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