16 March 2010


Boom baffles region
The Daily Star Tue, 16 Mar 2010 07:41 AM PDT
The source of an enormous boom heard by some across parts of Mississippi on Sunday afternoon remains a mystery. James Hill, director of the Rainwater Observatory in French Camp, said the the loud, long noise Grenada County residents heard could be anything from a jet sonic boom to a meteorite exploding. ...

Miss. Residents Report Seeing Flashes In Sky

WAPT Jackson
The National Weather Service in Jackson said the flashes were from the Gamma Normid Meteor Shower, which was active in the area until Monday and peaked in ...

Loud boom heard in area last week likely a "meteor"

Jena Times
A meteor hurtling through the atmosphere faster than the speed of sound likely caused the sonic like boom that startled many residents in LaSalle Parish and ...

Wetumpka seeks money for meteor crater visitor center | al.com

Scientists say a meteor struck near Wetumpka about 83 million years ago, creating a crater that's still visible today. A group started working on a master ...

Q-fire in the sky

Fireball A fireball is a brighter-than-usual meteor. The International Astronomical Union defines a ...


Japanese animation of asteroid hitting the Earth.

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