18 March 2021

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 18MAR2021

Mates discover a four billion-year-old METEORITE while on a gold hunting trip - and pocket ...
Daily Mail
Two best mates have made $200,000 after selling a meteorite believed to be four-and-a-half billion years old, which they found while searching for ...

VIDEO: Meteorite found by mates with metal detector sold to Geoscience Australia
ABC News
Five years ago, two mates dug up a massive meteorite in a Queensland paddock. Believed to be 4.5 billion years old, the rare rock has been sold to ...

Blast from the past: Rare meteorite recovered in the UK
Astronomy Magazine
28, a dazzlingly bright meteor traversed the U.K.'s western sky, glowing for about six seconds. It was so bright, in fact, it was termed a fireball.

Meteorite hunters: how we found the first bit of UK space rock in over 30 years
The Conversation UK
Four days earlier, a fireball had been spotted flying through the skies in the south of England. The flash had been captured on local people's doorbell ..

Meteorite that crashed in UK may give clues to solar system – Revista Galileu
... witnessed a phenomenon that could open doors in the field of astronomy: a “fireball” crossing the sky. Based on the meteorite's initial analyzes, ...

'It started flying towards us': Mysterious fireball ignites blaze in Peachland
'It started flying towards us': Mysterious fireball ignites blaze in Peachland ... A mysterious fireball caught on video floating through the night sky near ... isn't a scientist, but he isn't convinced that the unidentified object was a meteor.

A fire in the backyard of a Peachland home may have been sparked by a meteorite or space debris
However, Peachland Fire Chief Dennis Craig says he can't rule out the possibility it was sparked by a falling meteorite or space junk. I'm not an ...

Si è spenta sul Molise la meteora avvistata il 15 marzo. Possibili frammenti sul suolo
La bassa quota raggiunta e l'inclinazione in atmosfera fanno ritenere che non sia improbabile l'arrivo a terra di frammenti di meteorite. Le persone che ...

Bolide si spegne sui cieli del Molise, esperti Prisma: “Possibile meteorite caduto a terra”
Molise Tabloid
... non sia improbabile l'arrivo a terra di una meteorite. Gli esperti di Prisma sono al lavoro per calcolare l'area interessata da una possibile caduta.

Lightning Might Have Sparked Early Life on Earth
The Scientist
Electrical storms, rather than meteorites as scientists had previously thought, could have unlocked phosphorus necessary for the development of ancient ...

Maunakea telescope to conduct analysis of asteroid
West Hawaii Today
Rayner said a meteorite airburst is comparable to a nuclear detonation — a 1908 incident in Russia that involved the probable airburst of a meteorite ...

Une météorite aussi ancienne que le système solaire découverte
Jeu de billard cosmique. Sur les quelque 65 000 météorites répertoriées, Erg Chech 002 est une des seulement 4000 caractérisées par leur « matière ...

Fireball seen in the sky of Pará and Ceará was space junk
Somag News
There were those who said it was a comet, asteroid, meteor, Starlink satellites and even something from another planet, according to comments on

VIDEO: What was that?... | Possible meteor lights up sky over Yakutia, Russia | LiveTube
Watch the video. Go Live and send us your own livestream. LiveTube - The Global Live Hub. Read More Source: RT Read More.

La foudre pourrait-elle avoir contribué à la vie sur Terre ?
En complément des météorites, les éclairs frappant la roche terrestre pourraient, selon cette hypothèse, avoir généré en abondance l'un des ...

De Bethune makes cosmic DB28XP from Muonionalusta Meteorite
WatchPro USA
Denis Flageollet, founder and master watchmaker of De Bethune, has returned to his passion for meteorites for the creation of a DB28 — the DB28XP ...

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