01 March 2021

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 01MAR2021

Fireball caught on-camera over the sky in Chatham, Ont.
NASA reports the meteor was likely caused by a fragment of a Jupiter family comet, though an asteroidal origin is also possible. The space agency ...

Meteorite may have landed near El Dorado
Camden News
CAMDEN — A fireball streaked across the Central Arkansas sky at 8:17 p.m. Wednesday. Steve Arnold of Eureka Springs is looking for video to help ...

Arnold: Meteorite may have broken up after all
El Dorado News-Times
He asked that anyone who saw the fireball or has video of it to report the sighting to the American Meteor Society at amsmeteors.org. By late Friday ...

Fireball streaks across Central Arkansas sky
Arkansas Online
Arnold, who was a host of the Discovery television show Meteorite Men, ... the fireball or has video of it to report the sighting to the American Meteor ...

Meteor hurtling across night sky seen in 9 states
Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
A fireball that was visible to people in nine states streaked across the Central Arkansas sky at 8:17 p.m. Wednesday. Steve Arnold of Eureka Springs is ...

Meteor likely burned up, didn't hit ground, aficionado says
Arkansas Online
That was based on dash-camera video from Dallas that showed the fireball streaking across the sky for about seven seconds: https://bit.ly/2NwQYxt. But ...

Prairie fireball was comet fragment burning up in Earth's atmosphere
The fireball that lit up the sky across the Prairies on Monday morning was a small piece of a comet that burned up in the atmosphere, researchers at ...

Fireball in the sky was fragment of a comet burning in the atmosphere: University of Alberta
News 1130
The fireball lit up social media on Monday as Albertans shared their photos and video of the event. This view of the meteor is.. neatier? Anyway, another ...

Monday morning fireball was a comet fragment burning up in Earth's atmosphere | Folio
University of Alberta
U of A scientists use fireball monitoring network to capture images of the meteor that lit up the skies over Western Canada—and solve the mystery ..

U of A solves fireball thriller
The Times Hub
Put down your nets and magnets, meteorite-hunters – final Monday's fireball was a comet, and never a shred of it reached the bottom. College of ...

What caused Alta.'s fireball Monday? U of A scientists solve 'incredible mystery'
CTV Edmonton
Thanks to the University of Alberta's fireball monitoring network, scientists are now able to say that bright streak was a small piece of a comet that ...

Meteor lights up sky in Alberta and Saskatchewan
A flash of light flew across the dark sky early in the morning. It was a meteor piercing through the sky, looking like a fireball. The image was caught on ...

Willamette Meteorite restored after vandals paint it gold
Pamplin Media Group
PMG PHOTO: HOLLY BARTHOLOMEW - The Willamette Meteorite replica in FIelds Bridge Park was spray painted gold this week, but restored by an ...

SEE IT: moon-sized fireball shot through sky over Chatham-Kent
Chatham Daily News
“That often means that there could be meteorites on the ground. But I don't think there's likely to be as much with this one, because it was pretty small.

Fireball caught on-camera over the sky in Chatham, Ont.
... very small or no meteorites likely. @amsmeteors @ScottWx_TWN #fireball 1/2 pic.twitter.com/AQkljeScsz. — Peter Brown (@pgbrown) February 27, ...

Fireball flies over Chatham-Kent Friday night
CTV Windsor
Data suggests the meteor was caused by a Jupiter family comet. ... He says given the speed there were likely very small or no meteorites in the event.

Fireball flies over Chatham-Kent Friday night
AM800 (iHeartRadio)
Western University professor, meteor scientist and planetary astronomer Peter Brown tweeted a video of the event Saturday morning. Fireball as bright ...

Meteorite in Turchia, enorme palla di fuoco squarcia il cielo nella notte - Video
Sputnik Italia
L'enorme meteorite ha attraversato il cielo alle 22.57, illuminando a giorno la notte. yanıyor yanıyor angara bugün yanıyor ulus cebeci dört yolda polis ...

Est-il vrai qu'un astéroïde rebondit sur l'atmosphère ?
Science et Vie
... 1860, et le dernier en date a même été filmé par le Global Meteor Network, système mondial de surveillance des météorites, le 22 septembre 2020.

Une météorite aurait été aperçue dans le ciel de Bordeaux ce samedi soir
À Bordeaux et un peu partout dans le sud de la France, une météorite a semble-t-il été aperçue sur les coups de 22h30 ce samedi 27 février. Un étrange ...

Dust From Asteroid That Ended Dinosaur Reign Closes Case on Impact Extinction Theory
One place you will find plenty of iridium is in meteorites. So Alvarez and son's discovery marked the first solid piece of evidence that something from ...

The case was closed. The culprit in the death of the dinosaurs is an asteroid twelve kilometers long
The Press Stories
Meteor is the place where you can see most of it. Researchers argue that such things are not coincidental in geography, and that there is always a ...

The meteor over Australia turned out to be a space debris – video
Aviation Analysis Wing
A brightly burning body resembling a meteor flew over Queensland, Australia, in the sky. Domestic astrophysicists claim that the “massive star” was ...

Shedding light on the cosmic origin of the heaviest elements on the periodic table
Tech Explorist
Meteorites remember conditions of stellar explosions. By. Amit Malewar. -. February 27, 2021.

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