29 March 2021

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 29MAR2021 Early Edition

Mysterious explosion over Western US was likely SpaceX rocket debris, experts say
... meteor or similar object, as they would be moving far faster on impact with our atmosphere." (A bolide is a bright meteor that is often called a fireball, ...

Experts publish conclusions on atmospheric event in Cuba
Prensa Latina
'These meteoroids disintegrated at great height; the explosions heard were related to the detonation high in the atmosphere and then to the noise ...

Meteor falls on Lagoa dos Patos, in RS
Somag News
On the 13th, a fireball-like meteor crossed the sky over the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, being recorded through the lens of the Heller & Jung Space ...

Daytime fireball meteor generates sonic boom over UK and France – NaturalNews.com
Natural News
Meteor Observation Network, a community of amateur astronomers, said that the meteor belonged to a class of meteors called “bolides,” which are the ...

Asteroide Apophis, nuovi calcoli realizzati dalla NASA: ecco le ultime stime, tutti i dettagli
Centro Meteo Italiano
Il meteorite Apophis, dal diametro di 300 metri, non sarà più un pericolo per la Terra: ecco perché e i dettagli sugli studi astronomici. Asteroide ...

Volontari e metal detector per la caccia alla meteorite in Molise
Rai News
Proseguono nelle campagne di Sant'Agapito, vicino a Isernia, le ricerche della meteorite che potrebbe essere caduta nella serata del 15 marzo, ...

Researchers seeking fragments of fireball in Ontario
The Bisouv Network
Astronomy professor Peter Brown confirmed that 10 all-sky cameras of Western's Southern Ontario Meteor Network (SOMN) recorded a bright fireball ...

Inside dark, polar moon craters, water not as invincible as expected, scientists argue
The Bisouv Network
Meteoroids can hurtle these soil particles—which are many times smaller than the width of a human hair—as far as 19 miles (30 kilometers) away from ...

Diamond shines its light on moon rocks from Apollo missions, Martian meteorites and Vesta
The Bisouv Network
They will be examining three billion+ year old rocks from the moon collected during the Apollo missions, as well as meteorites from Mars, Vesta, and ...

Modeling early meteorite impacts on the moon
The Bisouv Network
Because these elements were delivered by meteorites, explanations for the difference put limits on how growth by meteorite bombardment unfolded ...

PDF The meteor expedition scientific results of the german atlantic expedition 1925 1927 Download
The Atlantic Expedition For the first time, during the German Atlantic Expedition (1925 to 1927) with the research vessel “Meteor”, an entire ocean was ... CAUTION with this site-At your own risk-LMH

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