24 March 2021

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 24MAR2021

A super-bright, blue meteor put on a show while shooting across Pennsylvania
Herald-Mail Media
There is a logical explanation: It was a meteor. If you're reading this in south-central Pennsylvania, it may have traveled right over your head.

Overnight dashcam video captures meteor over I-71
News 5 Cleveland
When meteoroids enter Earth's atmosphere or that of another planet like Mars, at a high speed and burn up, they're called meteors, according to NASA.

WATCH: Meteor caught on security camera
WATCH: Meteor caught on security camera ... CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) — NASA researchers are looking into multiple reports of meteors seen from ..

Fireball lights up the sky over Pennsylvania. Did you see the meteor last weekend?
The Union Leader
EASTON, Pa. - A bright meteor blasted through the atmosphere above Pennsylvania over the weekend, visible across the state and beyond, from ...

Fireball lights up the sky over Pennsylvania. Did you see the meteor last weekend?
The Union Leader
EASTON, Pa. - A bright meteor blasted through the atmosphere above Pennsylvania over the weekend, visible across the state and beyond, from ...

Meteor news: Watch the moment a fireball explodes over the US east coast - 'So bright'
Daily Express
A METEOR has exploded over the US east coast, sending a flash of light seen as far north as Canada. Watch the fireball caught on home CCTV video ...

Incredible video of meteor plummeting across the sky during the day
Dashcam footage can be pretty useful as it can prove your case in the event of a car crash or even capture a meteor streaking across the sky.

Brilliant Fireball Spotted In the Skies Over New York State
The American Meteor Society says that they received a number of reports of a bright meteor streaking across the skies over many parts of the East Coast, ...

England: Sonic Boom Heard Across Four Counties Blamed On Rare 'daytime Fireball' Meteor
Republic World
An extremely rare meteor, known as 'daytime fireball', has been blamed for a sonic boom-type noise heard across multiple counties in England, UK.

Sonic boom meteor in Somerset thought to have crashed in Channel after reports come in from
Somerset Live
A meteor believed to have caused the 'sonic boom' heard across Devon, Dorset and Somerset at the weekend is thought to have crashed in the ...

Security Camera Captures Meteor Flashing Through the Night Sky | Other | NewsChain video
Occurred on December 21, 2020 / Hammonton, New Jersey, USA Info from Licensor: "Meteor seen in multiple states on 3/21/2021 at 1225 AM."

C'è un meteorite in Molise? Gli esperti alla ricerca del frammento
Corriere della Sera
Secondo i ricercatori di Rete Prisma, coordinati dall'Istituto nazionale di astrofisica, proprio in quel momento sarebbe caduto un frammento di meteorite ...

Quel Meteorite in Molise…
Magazine Pragma
Quel Meteorite in Molise… Una notizia che sta attirando la curiosita' di molte persone. Un episodio insolito quello successo qualche giorno fa in Italia, ...

Sant'Agapito, Istituto nazionale di Astrofisica: partite le ricerche del meteorite
Il Giornale del Molise
Sarebbe caduto il 15 marzo sera in Molise, il meteorite, di circa 8 centimetri, nel paese di Temennotte di Sant'Agapito in provincia di Isernia. Questa ...

SANT'AGAPITO – Meteorite, al lavoro i tecnici dell'Inaf
Molise Network
SANT'AGAPITO – Arrivati i ricercatori dell'Università di Firenze per trovare traccia del meteorite caduto lo scorso 15 marzo in località “Temenotte”.

Una stella è esplosa nel cielo ed è facile da osservare, bagliore visibile nel cielo notturno, ecco dove
Centro Meteo Italiano
... e gli hanno dato il nome V1405 Cas. Leggi anche Meteorite cade in Molise, parte la ricerca dei frammenti: ecco cosa fare in caso di avvistamento ...

Il cuore dell'Amazzonia è nato da un meteorite
La Repubblica
Il cuore dell'Amazzonia è nato da un meteorite. di Daniele Mastrogiacomo. L'impatto avvenuto 30 milioni di anni fa. "Il cratere nella foresta di Aliwa ha ...

Lightning strikes are as important as meteorites for life origins on Earth
Tech Explorist
Almost four billion years ago, meteorites delivered minerals to Earth. Those minerals are assumed to be the critical ingredients for the development of ...

US scientists look to the moon to save earth's biodiversity
Sustainability Times
Within them, the future plants and animals might be protected from solar radiation or meteor impact below ground, and in the absence of surface ...

Stunning sunset contrail caught on camera above New Zealand
"That's a meteor shower apparently," commentator Ian Smith said on-air at the time. Should the plane be 'smoking' like that? Often mistaken for smoke, .Likely Aircraft Contrail-LMH

World's oldest meteor crater isn't what it seems
The world's oldest meteor impact crater is not a crater at all, say scientists of a new study suggesting natural forces put the giant indent into Earth's ...

L'incroyable histoire de la femme percutée par une météorite
Le Point
Le 30 novembre 1954, à 12 h 45, une météorite de 18 centimètres de diamètre traversait le toit d'une petite maison de Sylacauga, dans le sud des ...

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