28 March 2021

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 28MAR2021

Planetary Defence Office Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre
The ESA S2P NEO Coordination Centre has released the following News:
A brand-new face for the NEOCC web portal

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Current Period & Discovery Sequence Information
EISSCO- Eastern Intelligence Space and Survival

Kaaba Meteorite (Page 1) - Line.17QQ.com
Kaaba Meteorite (Page 1) ·Black Stone of the Kaaba. The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News : نيزك Meteorite! Nov 2010 Issue Meteor/Meteorite News ...

A 'spectacular' fireball lit the Pacific Northwest sky. A SpaceX rocket was to blame, authorities say.
Washington Post
... by a campfire on an Oregon beach when a fireball suddenly blazed through the night sky on Thursday. At first, it looked like a meteor or a comet.

Fireball Debris Over Oregon Coast, Washington, Canada Was SpaceX Rocket
Oregon Coast Beach Connection
NASA and SpaceX have so far not commented. What we do know: It was not a plane crash nor a meteor or fireball (Oregon Coast Beach Connection ...

An asteroid just buzzed past Earth, and we barely noticed in time
The Bisouv Network
Meteor craters can be found around the globe, and some relatively fresh examples include Wolfe Creek in northern Australia and the imaginatively ...

Asteroid Apophis impact ruled out - but there is another monster asteroid lurking
Daily Express
Asteroid 1979 XB is a 700 metre-wide asteroid that has been dubbed "potentially hazardous" by NASA. Meteor rattles US households ...

Researchers seeking fragments of fireball in Ontario
The Bisouv Network
Initial analysis of the video data by Steven Ehlert at the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office suggests the recent meteorite fragments are likely to have ...

Moonquakes tumble boulders, build lunar scarps
The Bisouv Network
The team also ruled out local meteor impacts as the trigger for the falling ... “Micro-meteoroid impacts may also slowly remove the records of boulder ...

Découverte d'une météorite exceptionnelle dans le sud-ouest de l'Algérie
Le Courrier de l'Atlas
Elle serait plus vieille que la Terre. Baptisée Erg Chech 002, ou EC 002, la météorite a été datée de 4.565 milliards d'années environ par les chercheurs ...

Dashcam video: Meteor spotted in Texas - News Nation USA
News Nation USA
A meteor flew across the Texas sky Saturday night, alarming witnesses and sparking questions about what had been seen. An officer from the Hewitt ...

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