17 March 2021

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 17MAR2021 Late Edition

Meteorite that crashed in UK may give clues to solar system – Revista Galileu
Based on the meteorite's initial analyzes, scientists expect new discoveries to be made about the formation of the solar system, which occurred 4.6 billion ...

Largest Asteroid Of The Year To Buzz By Earth This Weekend
Sightings stretched from Maine, parts of Canada, south the New York. According to NASA Meteor Watch: "Analysis of their reports shows that the meteor ...

Asteroid 231937 photographed before Earth close approach - monster rock is 1700m wide
Daily Express
Harvard University said: "The Yarkovsky effect describes a small but significant force that affects the orbital motion of meteoroids and asteroids smaller ...

Meteorite hunters: how we found the first bit of UK space rock in over 30 years
The Conversation UK
It was particularly bright – a sign that meteorites might be waiting to be found. A piece of rock flying through space is called a meteoroid. When it enters ...

RT UK - What was that?... | Possible meteor lights up sky over Yakutia, Russia | Facebook
The sky over Ust-Nera, Russia was lit up by the orange tail of an unidentified object that seemed like it could be a meteor. Local media outlets also ...

Lightning may have sparked life on earth
Camden Advertiser
Some meteorites contain the phosphorus mineral called schreibersite, which is soluble in water, where life is thought to have formed. When a bolt of ...

Hallan extraño meteorito que sería más antiguo que el sistema solar y testigo de su formación
El meteorito Erg Chech 002 efectuó un largo viaje desde su cristalización hace 4.565 millones de años, antes de aterrizar “gracias al azar de las órbitas” ...

Life on Earth kick-started by 'a quintillion lightning strikes', new study claims
“Unlike meteorite impacts which decrease exponentially through time, lightning strikes can occur at a sustained rate over a planet's history.

How A Building Block Of Life Got Created In A Flash
"Meteorites, contrary to popular belief, are cold when they hit the ground," says Benjamin Hess, who was an undergraduate at the college but is now a ...

Newly-discovered meteorite older than Earth 'will help us understand how planet formed'
Geochemistry professor Jean-Alix Barrat, of France's University of Western Brittany, said: "I've been working on meteorites for more than 20 years now, ...

Scientists unearth meteorite from the birth of the solar system
Known as Erg Chech 002, the meteorite was discovered in May 2020 by meteor hunters in the Algerian Sahara desert. It had rested undisturbed for "at ...

لعثور على نيزك عمره 4.6 مليار عام في جنوب الجزائر
القدس العربي
Erg Chech 002, a 4.6-billion-year-old meteorite found in Algeria in May 2020, shows signs of magmatic differentation, suggesting it formed in the crust ...

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