27 March 2021

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 27MAR2021

'Meteor shower' seen in Washington was debris from SpaceX rocket launch
FOX 35 Orlando
What looked like a meteor shower seen throughout Western Washington had many in awe Thursday night.

Debris from SpaceX rocket lights up US skies
BBC News
The lights streaking across skies above the Pacific Northwest of the US on Thursday night stunned onlookers. But this wasn't a meteor shower.

People on Southern Vancouver Island Watch as Rocket Falls to Earth
My Cowichan Valley Now
The US National Weather Service in Seattle says it was not a meteor breaking into pieces, but a Falcon 9 rocket's 2nd stage that did not successfully ...

Apparent rocket debris lights up night sky over Pacific Northwest
CBS News
"The sight was summed up by @kaallori: "Meteor? I don't know what that was, but it was spectacular.'" CBS Seattle affiliate KIRO-TV said it first appeared ...

Il meteorite precipitato in Canada potrebbe contenere tracce di forme di vita extraterrestre
Il meteorite è passato in cielo in direzione nord-est per oltre 70 chilometri, illuminando a giorno l'area compresa tra Mount Mansfield State Forest a ...

Meteorite caduto in Molise: ecco dove è e cosa fare se lo si trova
Centro Meteo Italiano
Nei giorni scorsi è accaduto qualcosa di clamoroso in Italia, precisamente in Molise: un piccolo meteorite infatti ha solcato il cielo della regione ...

Earth to avoid huge meteor for next 100 years, says NASA - Times News Express
Times News Express
NASA says the 1100-foot meteor Apophis will not smash into the Earth in 2068, which had been considered a possibility. Concerns that the flying rock.

Oldest meteorite ever found: 4.6BN-year-old rock found in Sahara could share secrets of solar system
An ancient, meteorite, or achondrite, was discovered in the Sahara desert last year that has now been identified as chunk from a protoplanet that ...

Lightning bolts 'unlocked the phosphorus necessary for the creation of DNA'
The idea was that meteorites containing the phosphorus mineral ... The drawback to the meteorite theory, however, had to do with frequency – more ...

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