17 March 2021

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 17MAR2021 Early Edition

Locals spot mysterious object in morning sky across Central PA
WTAJ - www.wearecentralpa.com
Some believed the object to be an asteroid, meteorite, or shooting star saying it stayed visible for multiple seconds before disappearing. Photo Credit: ...

'Meteorite' discovered in East Yorkshire village
BBC News
However, one expert says it is, in fact, a "pretty darn good meteor-'wrong'" whose origins are most likely very much more Earthbound. Published: 3 ...

Asteroid travelling at 43000km per hour to come closer than the Moon tomorrow
Daily Express
The meteor explosion was so powerful that it caused damage to more than 7,000 buildings and injured more than 1,400 people.

A fireball flies over the Mediterranean at 140000 kilometers per hour
Central Valley Business Journal
The detectors of the SMART project operate within the framework of the Southwest Europe Fireball and Meteor Network (SWEMN), which aims to ...

Неизвестный тип алмазов нашли в челябинском метеорите
Unknown type of diamonds found in the Chelyabinsk meteorite
Главные новости Казахстана - Tengrinews.kz
Неизвестная ранее форма углеродных материалов была найдена в частицах челябинского метеорита, передает Tengrinews.kz со ссылкой ...

A New Carbonaceous Chondrite Fall Collected in the United Kingdom
Planetary News
On February 28, the cameras of the United Kingdom (UK) Meteor ... Scientists realized if this fireball resulted in a meteorite being recovered, it would ...

La météorite de Winchcombe, fenêtre sur les secrets du système solaire
National Geographic France
Curieusement, au premier regard, la composition chimique, les minéraux et les textures de la météorite ne renvoient à aucun type précis de chondrite ...

Découverte d'une météorite aussi ancienne que le système solaire
Erg Chech 002 est un objet rare à plus d'un titre. Sur les quelque 65.000 météorites répertoriées, elle est une des seulement 4.000 caractérisées par ...

In Algeria, a piece of a missing protoplanet is discovered
Vaughan Today
Once discovered, scientists knew it was not an ordinary meteorite. Most of the meteorites recovered had a chondrite composition due to the mixture of ...

Billion-years old Meteorite found in Sahara: suspected protoplanet fragment
The Nation
According to the media outlet, scientists have established that the meteorite, known as Erg Chech 002, formed through a volcanic process which ...

Listen to the sound of meteor fireballs on video - Strange Sounds
Strange Sounds
However, a meteor will briefly create an ionization trail that can reflect a distant radio signal. If the geometry is right, you may momentarily hear – through ...

daytime meteor 2020 - BBC Log
According to NASA, the meteor produced a pressure wave that “rattled ... on meteors, meteor showers, fireballs, and related meteoric phenomena.

METEORITE/BOLIDE avvistato sui cieli del LAZIO. Segnalazioni in arrivo da tutt'ITALIA
CRONACA – Intorno alle ore 21.00 circa del 15 Marzo 2021 è stato avvistato un meteorite sui cieli del Lazio. Le segnalazioni provengono da gran ...

So Earth might have once had a cousin, and it left behind a piece of itself
While everything else was burning up in the garbage inferno that was 2020, a lone meteorite fell to Earth in the Sahara Desert. Gasps would ensue ...

Le plus vieux cratère de la Terre n'en serait pas vraiment un
Pendant longtemps, les experts ont pensé que ce cratère avait été formé par l'impact d'une météorite géante. Aujourd'hui, on apprend qu'il n'en serait ...

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