28 December 2014

Puerto Rico Slow Moving Huge "Meteor" 28DEC2014 w/ Video

Puerto Rico Slow Moving Huge "Meteor" 02:18 local time 06:18 UT 28DEC2014 w/ Video
-meteor duration was 44 seconds
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Impresionante Meteoro visto en Puerto Rico 12/28/2014
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  The Astronomical Society of the Caribbean captured images of an impressive and slow meteor visible from Puerto Rico on the early hours of Sunday, December 28, 2014. The biggest Astronomical Society on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean had reports confirming the meteor was visible from all the Island.
  There is an investigation about the possibility of space junk being related, because a Proton-M Russian rocket was launched carrying the Astra-2G communications satellite on December 27. Because the meteor was seen for 44 seconds, it is possible that the rocket body reentered Earth's atmosphere over Puerto Rico's skies.
  However, it can be a small asteroid and the incident was reported to NASA's Ames Research Center in California for further investigation.
  The meteor duration was 44 seconds ! and the video shows the meteor in normal (actual) speed.
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We have reports of a very slow moving huge "meteor" seen over Puerto Rico (in the Caribbean) on 12/28/2014 at 2:18 am local time (12/28/2014 06:18 UT).
It was moving SW to ENE, and seen for several seconds crossing all the sky.
We are trying to get video of the event; will share as soon as available.
Eddie Irizarry
Astronomical Society of the Caribbean 

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