13 October 2014

Ontario, Canada Meteor 12OCT2014 video

Longlac, Ontario, Canada Meteor 0340 EDT 12OCT2014 video

Photo- Rejean Hebert
Longlac Ont.
M20141012 034034 DVM 24 WMV V9
Longlac, Ontario, Canada Meteor 12OCT2014 0340 EDT video
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12OCT2014 Rejean Hebert DeBeers Victor Diamond Mine 03;40 EDT AM 3 sec S-E;N-NW White Bigger than 2 Moon Yes Fireball Explosion

Camera Location-
Lat. - 52.8197
Lon - -83.9037
Elev. - 91 meter

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doan said...

How can I know that this was the same fireball I saw around midnight 12-13 october in Italy. Time doesn't seem to match either. If not how can I find a report of what I saw.

Lunar Meteorite * Hunter said...

Doan, The fireball that you saw in France was NOT the same one captured on video in Canada. Thanks!