14 October 2014

Germany Meteor 12OCT2014

Germany Meteor Apprx. 2330 CEST 12OCT2014

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
12OCT2014 Michael Holzner Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany 23:30, CEST 3 South-east, from up to straight down to horizon (may 10-20° to right/south) deep green, very bright between Venus and moon. Maybe -8mag exploded at least two times, parts falling off - but lighted meteor stayed single I was driving the Autobahn A8 souht-east - saw it straight in front of me at least 3s.

12OCT2014 Damion Munich, Bavaria, Germany 23:30 CET 1-2 secs N-S Bright White White Hot, like lighting Magnesium in chemistry class hard to tell flamed out rather quickly but was so bright I thought it was a large firework for a moment

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