18 October 2014

PA NY Fireball Meteor 17OCT2014

PA NY Fireball Meteor Apprx. 0:45 AM EDT 17OCT2014 w/ sonics!
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PA NY Fireball Meteor Apprx. 0:45 AM EDT 17OCT2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
17OCT2014 Geoff Chambers Allentown, PA 00:45 AM (approx) 1-2 sec max approx SE-NW direction (could be off) white, no sound bright as moon unknown fireball broke through overcast sky, witnessed by my wife and me in separate vehicles

17OCT2014 Lisa Osborne Hawley,PA 00:50/EST/AM 5-6 seconds United States Rumbling then explosion sound lit up the woods like day The 3 tafton Firefighters said it was extremely bright and lit up the woods. I and many others heard it as a rolling type of loudness such as an explosion that starts to drift off. No photo but it was heard by myself and by many in Wayne, Pike Monroe County PA witnessed by 3 Tafton PA firefighters.

17OCT2014 gunther buetow sidney ny 00:50/EST 1-3 secs facing south west. start midway/ top of sky heading down. Ended after it passed the tree line. direction north east to south east flash of blue light. lit up whole sky similar to lightning. object was a bright green light bright as full moon and smiliar size to moon in sky no fragmentation visible two other people present. 10 min earlier small shooting star passed in different direction i was not a witness to the shooting star but a witness to the green light ball

17OCT2014 Sister Lynn, CSJ North Merrick, NY USA 0:45 AM 5-10sec NNW Blue/green Brighter than Venus, appeared much larger than visible stars I didn't not any Beautiful

17OCT2014 russ Saratoga New York USA 00:42 eastern am 2-3 sec E-W green very bright like a flare then exploded no when it went below some clouds it exploded and lite up the sky

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